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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Project 365

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Saturday - August 15th - Movie and Pizza Night at our house. Watching National Treasure 1 & 2. See the dog waiting to share the pizza.

Friday - August 14th - Family Get-Together at my mom's.

Thursday - August 13th - Hubby and I took a drive in the new car to Caesar's Creek and I took a few pictures.

Wednesday - August 12th - Another picture of my car.

Tuesday - August 11th - Sunset - This was in on my SkyWatch post, but it's the only picture I have on this day.

Monday - August 10th - Hubby and I had dinner at Lone Star. Have you tried eating with one of these guys staring over your shoulder? lol


  1. love the pictures!!! Isn't it fun to get a new car?!!!

    Ya, don't need a steer looking over my shoulder!! ha!

  2. It would be a little off putting to be eating beef while that's looking at you :-)

    Pizza looks yummy. I haven't made any in a few weeks....hmmmm, sounds like just the thing for supper tonight.

    Sweet car! Love that new car smell, don't you? :-)

    Have a great week!

  3. Great pictures - love the family get together - Have a great week!

  4. Movie & pizza, family together, drive w/ hubby, sunset & dinner out--all the bestest! And you even let us have a peek on your activities, but we're NOT glaring over your shoulder! Thanks!

  5. What a fun week! I love the sky, even if it is on two blogs!

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm gonna have to get me some PIZZA for lunch! That looks mouth-watering!!!!


    Happy Monday!