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Monday, November 9, 2009

Amish Country

On Saturday Tracy and I went to Holmes County, Ohio to visit the Amish Communities of Berlin, Sugarcreek and Walnut Creek. The girls were at the Church of God Ohio State Youth Convention in Columbus for the weekend. And since they were gone, Tracy and I decided to take a day trip. We got to eat some really good Amish food. We did a little shopping and a lot of sight-seeing and just a whole lot of being together and talking. It was so much fun. So here are a few pictures we took.

Beautiful valley in Holmes County

Little Country Church

I believe this is a young couple who are dating. Married men have beards and I don't believe he did. We tried to be careful and show respect by not taking pictures of their faces.

I believe this guy may have been a Menonite. He was giving buggy rides at one of the places we stopped to shop.

This horse and buggy was outside a cheese shop we stopped at called Heini's. They have the best cheese. I loved the beautiful basket in this buggy. The woman that had this buggy walked up with another basket about this size trimmed in blue and I think it had a lid on it. Gorgeous!


Another farm.

Another beautiful valley with several farms. Some are amish and some not.

We saw more Amish families out in buggies on this trip than we ever have before. We drove out in the countryside a lot more than we normally do and saw some really interesting sights. At one point we were following 3 buggies and then there was another one come towards us in the opposite lane. Very cool. Below is a video of a couple buggies we were following and then passed. Tracy took this video but turned it off when we got close enough that they could see us. Again we tried to respect their wishes about being photographed. There are actually 2 buggies here. The one in front has a folding table tied to the back of his buggy. I didn't know what it was until I saw this video. lol

The Lord blessed us with such a beautiful day and wonderful time together. I hope you enjoyed our pictures. Tracy took most of the pictures on this day because I was driving.


  1. Such beautiful country and beautiful picutres! I love visiting Amish Country. We have been to the Amana Colonies and stayed at a new order Amish home -- very interesting. An old order family lived next door to our hostess.

    We have Amish in the eastern and south eastern part of our state. Next month our church is taking a bus trip to an Amish home where we will have dinner then we will see Christmas lights

    We visited a Mennonite area in Canada several years ago. I bought a cookbook and have enjoyed some of the recipes.

    Glad you could find the time for a day trip with your love. ;)

  2. i believe that we have driven through their on our way back to mIchigan from Virginia. It is beautiful land and the make the best baskets.

  3. Great pics. I love the video.. I will never understand how they have no electric, make their own clothes but than buy a table from Sam's club. I visited there a few years ago with Becky S. We camped and then went to town for cheese..

  4. I do miss this part of living in IN. The Amish are amazing cooks and I would love some amish bread about now!!!

  5. Hey Cathy! Love those pictures. Looks like it was such a peaceful trip. I remember when I was a little girl, my family went to Amish Country. My dad didn't realize they didn't like to get their photo taken, that is until they started giving us mean looks and turning away. I'm sure if he would have know how they felt, he would have respected their wishes. So glad you were able to share a few, discreet photos with us.

    Oh, btw, are you interested in one of my headers cause you won my Peep of the Month. If not, that's ok. I still would like to give you a digital scrapped photo of your family. If you are interested, I went ahead and did a header with the castle and a little matching button to go along with it. Or you can choose one of my pre-made designs.

    To make your digital photo, I'll just need a family photo or individual photos of each member, as well as your mailing address. My email is on my blog.

    Thanks Cathy! I'm so excited to do this for you. Hope you like it.


  6. thx 4 sharing the photos...just beautiful
    love the couple/buggy picture..they were moving at a pretty good clip (all four feet of the horse are in the air)...great shot!!

  7. I'm so glad you both had a nice trip! The pictures are so pretty and peaceful. I would love to visit Amish country one day!

  8. I loved this beautiful post. The countryside pictures are so pretty and the red barns are wonderful. I hope to one day visit amish country myself.

  9. Oh we went there a few years back when we went up north to visit Jason's mom. It's a very neat little place! We even bought a handmade quilt from them.

    Too bad I didn't take pics of it. It was before blogging. Hmmph.

  10. I just LOVE these pictures! I think I've read every fiction book there is about the Amish lifestyle!

  11. Beautiful pictures! It's great that you respect their privacy, alot of people might not, so good for you!

    ~ Nan


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