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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Project 365 - Week 3

Sunday 1/10/2010 

We went out to lunch after church at our local Mexican Restaurant and Kelli's boyfriend came along.

And so did Kerri's friend that spent the night with her.
Monday 1/11/2010

Tracy, Kerri and I went to Krogers after work.  Of course, this is Kerri with her ever-present cell phone.  I call it her umbilical cord.

Tuesday 1/12/2010

My new Crocs for work.  Man, they are like wearing houseshoes all day.  Who cares if they're ugly when they feel that good?
Wednesday 1/13/2010

Finally a little bit of blue skies and sunshine. 
Thursday 1/14/2010

Kerri and I went out for breakfast before work and school.  Love this one on one time.
Friday 1/15/2010
Friday night was a stay at home and relax kinda night.  Here I am watching TV in my Snuggie and playing on the computer all at the same time.  That's hubby under the plaid comforter beside me, but he didn't want in the picture.  How's this for being real, I didn't even clean up the mess before the picture.
Saturday 1/16/2010

This is my kinda shopping.  $1.00 books from Half-Price Books.  These will be added to the church library when I'm finished with them.  A bunch of our ladies love to read them.

Well that was our week.  Why don't you click the button above and join in on the fun with the rest of us at Sara's


  1. Love your week of photos Cathy! Very similar to mine over here.
    Cellphone :) Thanks for the confirmation on our decision to go all cellular!
    I need a snuggie right now... my house temp goes down to 65 at night... (*up too late as usual ;o)
    Love bargains too!

    You have such a beautiful family, Cathy~
    ps. I was wondering how your new driver is doing?

  2. Love the pics!! I think I have that same plaid comforter floating around somewhere!

    I've been trying to do a picture a day..maybe I should do it all on one day like you and Mimi. Hmmm.....

    Hope this coming week is as blessed as the previous one!

  3. Great pics and the sun.. yeah..sun. Your Crocs aren't ugly..they are really cute. And you caved to the snuggie..

  4. I love Crocs too...when they first came out I just didn't understand why people would wear such ugly shoes... and then I tried them for myself and wow!

    I love your picture of the sun...just beautiful!

    Half price books... that is wonderful... my Mom and sister would love that... I am a slow reader so I am still catching up on ALL the books they have already read.

    Have a GREAT week!

  5. Great job. I loved all your pictures. You got almost the whole family in this week. That is an awesome deal on those books too. Woo hoo

  6. love the family time!

    crocs.....do you know I have never tried on a pair?

    being a "sun" person, I am so glad you got some! it does help those winter blues.

    I do miss having a 1/2 price book store!!

    great week!

  7. Your girls look so similar to each other, that I wondered how & why Kelli managed to go from a peach top to a green one in the same picture! LOL

    Those crocs are actually decent looking!

  8. "umbilical cord"... haha... I call my hubs his "hipster".

    love the 'real'ness of your pics. ;)

    love the snow pic! wish we had cooler weather longer here in the south.

  9. It is great to have soome one on one with your child. Sometimes the cell phone on my son almost drives me crazy and then when I try to call no answer. I don't get it.

  10. I'm a croc girl too - they were my salvation when I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hip.

    I did a post the other day on my Snuggie of a Different Kind - I wanted one with a back!

  11. love this post!

    love seeing the girls! AND you!

    love the cute crocs!

    love the snuggies!

    love that you are keepin it real!!


  12. Aw, come on hubby! Get in the picture, I wanna see the whole family!

    Snuggies. So somebody actually wears these? Hehe...

  13. Great photos and love the snuggie picture and I think those crocs are really nice ones. They look so comfy.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  14. Great pics Cathy! love the one of you and your daughterand you all wrapped up in your snugglie! have a great week!

  15. Talk about looking relaxed! I love the Snuggy and the Crocs. And I'm with Debbie....come on out, hubby...SHOW YOURSELF! :> )

    Great post, great pics!


  16. Oh. I agree wholeheartedly about the Crocs. We are a Crocs-wearing family, no doubt! Year round, too!!! In the spring I even found some knock-offs to fit my then 6-month old. Teeny tiny Crocs. So cute!!

  17. A recliner, a Snuggie, & a computer on your lap... perfection!

    I LOVE your Croc Mary Jane's! I'm wanting a pair myself... I think they are adorable!

    BONUS on the books... love a good book deal!!!

  18. Kerri and her cell phone remind me of my daughter; she's REALLY missing her phone and the ability to text. hahaha She can still do all the online stuff, just no cell phone texting. I think that will be the thing she's happiest to see when she goes home!

    Everyone keeps saying how comfy Crocs are; tried buying a pair online and having Tina bring them but they didn't fit :-( But I think I know what size to get now.

    I'm seriously jealous of your book purchases :-)

    Fun week of photos!

  19. i am loving that snuggie picture! looks like a great week at your place! i had a very busy weekend and havent finished posting mine yet!

  20. Love the Snuggie picture and that you were keeping it real!! Always wondered about Crocs. You'll have to let me know after a couple weeks of wearing them if you still like them!

  21. Love the pics!! I think I have that same plaid comforter floating around somewhere!

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