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Monday, May 2, 2011

400 Mile Fitness Challenge 2011

I just read LynnMarie's blogpost on her accomplishment.  She's over 800 and working towards 1200.  I decided this is something I need too.  I keep saying I'm going to start walking but I never do.  So I'm making it a public challenge for myself for some accountability.  I know this week will be tough because we'll be traveling to pick up our oldest, but sure I can get a couple miles in.  So I refuse to use that as an excuse. 

So would anyone else like to join in too.  Go check out Book's Fitness & Other Stuff to join the challenge.  Just click the button above or in my sidebar.  Maybe we can all get a little healthier this year.


  1. Hay Wonderful!!! Remember that the goal is to move and a lot of things count towards the 400 mile goal. I'm so happy that you are joining! I look forwarded to see what you do each week and what you reward yourself with once you reach your goal!!! :)

  2. I will join you. Maybe we can keep each other accountable. I have been making changes with my food but haven't done so great with the exercise yet.


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