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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Potato Soup and Photo Challenge-A Candy Cane or Five

Anyone looking for a really simple, but very tasty potato soup? My sister-in-law gave me this recipe a couple of years ago and I love to eat it in the winter. I believe it's actually a recipe she received from Weight Watchers and if I remember correctly, it's only 1 point for 1/2 cup serving.

Here are all the ingredients.

Here is the soup.
So if your looking for something warm, very tasty, but low on fat...here you go.  Yummy!

The Photo Challenge for December 6 is A Candy Cane or Five.  Be sure to go check out the list and other participants at This Day.

How about blue candy canes?  That's all I have right now.

See it there on hubby's blue Christmas tree.

Here's a full shot of our blue tree.  It's still a work in progress though.
Hope you have a great Tuesday!


  1. Potato soup is one of my faves...thanks for sharing. I love blue lights on a tree. We have an outdoor tree we're trying to convert to all blue lighting. Remember when candy canes were only red and white and tasted like peppermint? I couldn't even find the red and white peppermint ones in the store yesterday! Luckily I had some in the pantry.

  2. My mom would be in LOVE with your tree... she's a blue addict :) My husband would have UK stuff all over it!

  3. I love potato soup, and that look so easy ... what's not to love!

    I'd never seen a blue Christmas tree ... it's so pretty. i hope you'll share pictures of it when you've completed it. ;-)

  4. I LOVE potato soup. I have tried this one before too and it is YUMMMY!

    Love the blue tree! :> )



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