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Thursday, December 8, 2011

This and That Thursday

It seems Thursday is becoming my day to just have bits and pieces. So here I go again.

* I'm addicted. I think it's official. I am now addicted to White Chocolate Caramel Cocoa that is sold at, of all places, the Speedway Gas Station. It is delicious! I actually tried it by accident. I stopped to get hot chocolate and saw they had some flavors and I thought this was just white chocolate flavor. Now I like white chocolate and decided to try it but just as I had the cup half-full I noticed it was white chocolate caramel. I'm really not much of a caramel fan, but oh well, I had the cup half full and I wasn't going to dump it. It was totally wonderful and now I have to have a cup each morning on the way to work. Yummy! If you have a Speedway in your area, I suggest you give it a try.

* I seem to be stymied on my Christmas decorations at home. I know I need to do a little more, but right now I just don't want to.  Actully, Kerri has done most of what's been done and I'm thankful for that.   I'm enjoying the lights on the 2 little trees and our houses (that are up year round) and that's enough; at least for now.

* I haven't done the photo challenge the last 2 days because:
1. I don't have a picture of a wreath with a red bow. My wreath this year doesn't have a bow at all.
2. I don't have a picture of Christmas cards stamped and ready to send. I don't think I'm sending cards this year. Now, I'll probably do cards to share at church but we just take those and deliver them in person. I may send a few out, but not as many as some years. So no picture to add. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a picture for the prompt in the challenge.

* I just wanted to share this video of my favorite Charlie Brown scene with Linus and the Christmas story. I think I've shown this before, but I just love it. Hope you enjoy it too.


  1. I think that card prompt needed to come later in the challenge! : )

  2. Hi Cathy!
    Thank you for always being so good to stop by and leave me a comment! I appreciate it so much! I am now a follower of yours!

  3. Uh oh... I'm a fan of white chocolate AND caramel... I could be in trouble. Correction: my thighs could be in trouble! :)

  4. I'm right there with you on the addiction to Bits & Pieces (Mine is the Hershey bar flavor). I ate a whole bag by myself.

    Love the Charlie Brown clip!
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas, whether you get a picture of your wreath or not.

  5. I am not even going to try the hot chocolate I know I would be addicted and my blood sugars would hate me forever!! I am addicted to crazy of all things teriyaki beef jerky, I know its sounds nasty but it is good!
    I love that clip from Charlie Brown thanks for sharing


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