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Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Finally got the decorations on the tree last night. I love it! Except the tree is so tall that I don't think our tree toppers will fit on it. We have a star, a Santa and an angel. We bought a new tree this year and it is 7.5 feet tall. I only have about 6 inches to the ceiling and my toppers are too big. Anybody have any suggestions?

We have 2 weeks until my oldest daughter comes home for Christmas break. Yay!!! And we have a lot of things we need to get done. We have to paint the main bathroom and do some minor repairs. We have to move furniture and overhaul the bedroom she will be using. Going to be a busy 2 weeks!

Anybody else enjoying watching all the Hallmark Christmas movies as much as I am? I love this time of the year for movie watching!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. We always use a bow for a tree topper... you can find them cheap at Hobby Lobby & they are beautiful when they have a little bit of a tail that hangs down the tree - tie it to the top of the tree - no extra heigh needed :)

  2. you could clip the top of your tree a bit! I know you are excited to see your daughter!! Can't wait till mine come home too!

  3. The bow sounds like a good idea. We have a star, but we don't like it all that much.

  4. Our bigger tree has a funny top so I usually put a bow on it. Nothing else seems to fit. Our smaller tree has an angel on top...we bought her the first Christmas we were married so she's special. I love Christmas trees. They make the house feel warm and cozy. Have a nice weekend!

  5. I wish we could buy such a large tree. But trees that tall are usually too wide and take up all our great room space. We had to cut about 4 inches off the top of our tree. Otherwise our angel was way too high - looked wrong to have her a good 10 inches above the rest of the tree.

    I'll bet you can NOT wait until your family is together!

    1. Oh and I hope you are going to share pictures of your home improvements.


  6. You could tie a really lovely bow with LONG streamers which you twine down the branches.

    I think that makes a very lovely change from the traditional tree toppers.

    I have a picture of the tree I used to do that way when we lived in a big enough house to HAVE a tree - - - there's a link to my e-mail on my profile, if you want to see a picture let me know.


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