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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge Is Back! #101

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1. What rule of life should never be broken?
Love others as you love yourself.

2. What's your favorite family recipe?
My dad's peanut butter fudge (which by the way is the best in the world).  He's been making it ever since I can remember.  Sometimes he'd let us scrape the pan when we were young and lick the spoon.  Delicious.  However, I don't have the recipe, because if I did, I'd be as big as the side of a barn.  My sister can make it too.  So I only get it when my dad or sister make it.  Which is definitely for the best. 

3. Is the media manipulative?
Most assuredly.  Take a look at this last election.  And that is all I'm saying on this.  :)

4. Hubs and I saw Skyfall last weekend...are you a fan of the Bond films? If so, who's your favorite Bond?
Yes I like some James Bond movies.  Pierce Brosnan is my favorite Bond and Roger Moore is next.

5. What is one thing you hope people never say about you?
I hope no one ever says that I am mean and/or hateful.

6. What's a nearby tourist attraction you'd like to see, but haven't gotten around to visiting?
Columbus Zoo

7. Where's your favorite tree?
Sitting in the front yard where I work.  I don't know what kind it is, but it's just really nicely shaped.  It has red berries on it this time of year.  It's always beautiful.  Here are a couple of pictures I've posted in the past of this tree.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
 My new light over the dining table.  My brother found it at an auction or garage sale when I was in Florida.  It cost $15.00.  I totally love it.

That same brother was remodeling a kitchen and they had a dishwasher that they were replacing with a new one.  However, the old one still works.  They let my brother have it and he gave it to me.  It is actually the same brand and model that I have.  However mine was a scratch and dent sale and never has worked right.  We haven't even used it in probably over a year.  My other brother came yesterday and installed it for us (along with the light) and I used it last night and it works wonderfully!  I feel like I have a brand new kitchen and dining room!  I love cheap and free stuff when it's like these two things.  haha


  1. Love the lamp! Great news about the diswasher as well. Love mine and cannot image doing without one.

  2. My guess is that tree is a crab apple? Does it bloom in the spring (can't tell if that's snow or blooms in the one picture).

    Love that light fixture - it's gorgeous! And yay for a "new" dishwasher - one that works properly! And best of all, love the price tag for them both! ;-)

  3. A very nice set of Hodgepodge answers. Have a great week!

  4. The lamp is lovely. So good of your brother to help you out.

  5. Aww, Columbus Zoo takes me back to my oldest daughter's first year of life. She was born in Columbus and only lived there a year but spent lots of happy days pushing a stroller around there.

    I love your light. I've been looking for a Tiffany style chandelier for my dining room. The people we bought the house from had a gorgeous one but they didn't include it in the sale of the house.

    Have a great day!

  6. Lovely Lamp! We got our Frig the same way you got your dishwasher. I'm a true believer that one mans trash is another's cheap or free treasure. :)

  7. Beautiful light! You can't beat cheap and/or free. : ) Love the look of your blog, by the way.

  8. LOVE the light! Those things are expensive in stores too! What a deal!!!

    I'm seeing more Pierce Bronson fans.. so what happened to him? Why did he quit doing it?

    DING DING DING - Peanut butter fudge - we have a winner!

  9. Columbus Zoo--step-son took grandson there over Labor Day. My aunt lives in Cardington, Ohio-is this close?
    Tree is beautiful.

  10. Your lamp is so pretty, Cathy! I, too, love a good deal! Peanut Butter Fudge...be still my beating heart! Sounds DE-LISH!

  11. YAY for new/old stuff! :) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE peanut butter fudge...especially when it's still warm!

  12. What a great tree! I love that you have photos of it in different seasons.

  13. My mom once decided to take a class in stained glass because she wanted to learn how to make a lamp shade. She made one and I hope it gets to stay in the family for generations.

  14. Your brother's are really great to look out for you like that:) The tree you wrote about is very pretty!

  15. You know we want that recipe. I liked Pierce too! Love your new lamp. I have a few in my house, I love them.


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