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Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Fragments and SkyWatch Friday.

Half-Past Kissin' Time
It's time for Friday Fragments again.  You know, those things that aren't enough for a post on their own, but you'd like to share them anyway.  Click on the button to visit Mrs. 4444's website at Half-Past Kissin Time. to see other fragments and hopefully, to join in the fun with us.

Also, at the bottom of this post is my contribution to SkyWatch Friday.

I completed another hat this week.  I love the color and texture of this one.  I've been having a lot of fun making these on a round loom.  If you are interested in making one, go to YouTube and search making a toboggan on a round loom.  It is so easy and fun.  I've started a red one and plan to put either a white, blue or black stripe in the middle.  It will have a pom pom on top.  I'm hoping one of these days to open my Etsy Shop (I've started, but never had the courage to actually open it).  But in the mean time, I'm getting some stock made.  I'll let you know, if and when I ever open it.

Hubby and I watched the movie "Captain Phillips" last night.  I can't even imagine living through something like that.  So glad I finally got to see it.  Thanks Rick, for loaning me the DVD.

Still working on Lucy's potty-training.  Really, I should have my head examined for getting a new puppy in the middle of winter.  haha  But she's already got my heart wrapped around her little paw.  She just makes me laugh all the time.  It's hard to get upset with her.  I mean that little face is adorable.  But here she is (and of course, I'm on the other end of that leash) out in the snow and cold before work this morning. haha

SkyWatch Friday

And while I was out with Lucy this morning, I took these 2 photos of the sky in our area.  Love the strip of color peeking through the trees out on the horizon as the sun is coming up.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I will appreciate the warmer weekend weather as well.

  2. It is difficult to train puppies i think. Happy weekend!!

  3. I have heard a lot of people say they are making hats on those looms. They look so warm! I really like the color of that one. My dogs run out side as fast as they can, do their business and hurry back in. Sure wouldn't want to be a dog in this weather! Have a great weekend!

  4. Our local news reporter said "I don't know why we got a puppy in winter - its horrible to train him right now".. yep! :)
    We want to rent that movie from Red Box this weekend

  5. We had an absolutely gorgeous sunrise yesterday, but my iphone couldn't do it justice. DH was still asleep, so I didn't have the heart to go searching for our camera in our closet. :-(

    We got our last pup in January ... not a smart move, but we survived. ;-) All it takes is one sweet look, and we're hooked!

  6. Saw that movie at the theaters, it was soo good, but then I love Tom Hanks too. My sister has one of those looms and has made many a hat on them and they are soo cute. Beautiful sunrise pictures! Enjoy your week-end!

  7. Your pup looks adorable. I love dogs, and I understand how hard it is to be upset with one. Best of luck with the hats. I don't have patience for that sort of thing.

  8. I was just thinking we have not seen any of the Oscar nominated movies this year. We usually see most all of them.
    One of the best things we ever did was get a fence and a doggie door, well most of the time its great.
    Beautiful sky photo!

  9. I've been wanting to see 'Captain Phillips', too.
    I think it's difficult for all dogs to make themselves 'go' outside during winter! It would be hard for me, too :)

  10. What a lovely hat! You should open an easy site! I wish I had talent with crafts like that.
    I loved Captain Phillips -- it had me on the edge of my seat.
    Good luck with the potty training. We have a dachshund that we cannot train! I clean my carpets every week!
    Happy FF!

  11. Beautiful sky! But....I think I'm in love.....with LUCY...she's a sweetie! The hat is great...and terrific color. Oh, and Bud and I bought the Captain Phillips DVD and watched it...my goodness what emotions I experienced during the entire movie!!! Wow.

  12. I think the greatest investment we ever made was ourPetStop dog fencing system. It's awesome because our neighbors have it, too, so when we dogsit for each other, it's a breeze.

    Here's a tip for the potty training; Try to get her to go in a certain spot. it doesn't really matter in the winter where she goes, but once spring arrives, you probably don't want poop in certain places, you know?

    I visited your daughter's blog; she's great! You must be very proud of her.

    Thanks for linking up. I'm so glad I finally had time to come for a visit :) Have a great week.

  13. I like your hat! You should open your shop on Etsy. I have a shop on cafepress for my photographic artwork and although I am not getting rich by any stretch of imagination, the commission payments are always a welcome sight and more importantly it is encouraging when you sell your art.
    So that is what sunrise looks like. :D Very pretty!


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