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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals or Resolutions for 2014

I typically do not do resolutions. But I saw this posted by Kay Arthur on FB and I believe I will make it my resolutions for 2014.

Seems pretty simple, but I think these are the best 2 resolutions I could make.  Want to join me?

I also have 1 goal for 2014.  I hope to read (or listen to the audio version) the entire Narnia series.  I've seen the movies but have never read the books.  My brother was just telling me about one the other day and I really want to read them now.


  1. I have not seen the Narnia movies.. I'm not much of a movie person. I didn't make any resolutions cause I won't stick to it and then I feel like I'm letting myself down.. So I don't start any in the first place. Thanks for visiting my blog. The minute to win it games were fun..

  2. Those are the best two resolutions I've seen anywhere! Happy New Year :)

  3. That is an awesome resolution. I tell myself often that I need to get into my bible yet I seem to put my blogging before the things that really matter! Thank you for the reminder.

  4. I'm all about this goal this year!!!

  5. Great resolution. So simple. Or is it? :)
    Our kids loved the Narnia movies when they were growing up. I have never read them either, and truthfully, I don't think I have watched any from start to finish. Anyone else have that problem with movies your kids watched? While they were watching, I was doing something. Now I know I should have watched with them. :)

  6. The books are fabulous, better than the movies in my opinion although I liked the movies too. Great goal, one I'm aspiring to myself : )

  7. Gosh, can't get any more direct than that, right? So simple, though maybe not easy. But, the best goal we can have. :-)


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