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Monday, October 5, 2015


Day 5 of the 31 Day Writing Challenge with a prompt from 5 Minute Friday. The prompt for today is "Home."

As is often said, "Home is where the heart is." and I agree. In other words for me, home is where ever my family is. My husband and my two girls are what make home, home.

I love our house and I love the fact that my daddy built it for us 19 years ago. It means so much to me and I love living here. Dad built it just the way we wanted. I always dreamed of having a house like this, but I didn't really think we'd ever be able to do it. But God provided.

But while I love our house, it is just a house and as I said before my family is what makes it home. The girls are living out of our home now. Kerri is married and starting her own home. Kelli is living in an apartment with girlfriends, working 2 jobs and working on getting her masters. So now, home has changed.

Now home is my husband and me. It's really pretty cool living the empty nest life. While I loved home when it was hectic with all the stuff our kids had going on, I must say I'm really enjoy this time with just the two of us.

How about you? What is home to you?


  1. Couldn't agree more....home IS where your heart is, and home is family. And I totally identify with you too in being the empty nester. With the raising of 4 including starting our marriage with a baby, I honestly never thought I'd see the day where it would just be hubby and me! But that's what it's been these last few years and honestly I love every minute of it, IN SPITE OF missing the hustle and bustle and company of all of our kids. We have out little routines and things we like and everything about is sooo nice. Makes me realize and pray that the Lord takes me home first as I NEVER want to get use to another way of living. All by myself would be soo hard. I've been very blessed. My kids were all kind of upset [especially my youngest, my daughter], when we moved out of our home of 25 years where they were mainly raised as we were living "home" behind. And I told them we aren't living one little thing behind besides some floors and walls. Everything that makes this house a home is coming with us and when we are all together it will feel like home as much as it ever did....And it's been soo true! Have a good day

  2. funny how life changes - to a busy house with teenagers - to a quite safe place where the kids love to come back to :)

  3. A house is just walls and a roof. A home is wherever a family gathers. I, too, miss the days when DD was here, but she's now raising her family, making her house into a home ... which is of course as it should be. But I do dream of building a house with 4 bedrooms and a nice big in-laws suite ... LOL

  4. I completely understand because home is everything to me...it's where my Disney stuff is and where my pup is, etc. Granted, the house itself isn't good (I live in a trailer), but it's just walls and a roof...it's the only place in the world where I feel completely safe and protected from all my outside issues. Maybe someday I'll be able to get a real house, but for now, it works.

  5. Oh, and I meant to say that I'm sooo glad everything worked out with your daughter! I have been horrible at blog reading lately and even worse at commenting, so I've missed so much.

  6. I mostly enjoy this empty nest season too. It takes some getting used to, but there's lots to love here too.

  7. Yes, home is family for sure but our family is separated by miles but we still try hard to make it work. Yes, the empty next is awesome! Hubby and I have had it for 20 years. Happy new week!

  8. home is me, my hubby, and my fur baby coco.


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