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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Computer Failure

Our computer just died. I was playing a game to enter a contest and it just locked up completely. I turned if off and then back on, but it stayed locked up. Hubby finally got it opened in safe mode. So now he is in the process of trying to get all our files off of it and saved on other media. Then he's going to wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall windows and see if that will work, if not it's a new hard drive for us.

Good thing I was in the process of getting a laptop computer for myself. Hubby has one and that's what I'm using right now. We've decided he's going to get the new one because it has some features he wants and I don't really care too much about. Then I'm getting this one. I can't wait to have a computer that has only what I put on it and nothing else. The one that just died has all 4 of us downloading stuff and it gets bogged down and now dies. The girls will get a computer that their dad has in his office. He just upgraded it for them. So it'll just have their stuff and that should work for them.

Yea! No more all 4 of us fighting over the computer. Hubby's new one will be here within 2 weeks. Then this is mine and the girls' computer will move out to the livingroom and I get my bedroom back to just hubby and me. Woohoo!!!! Life is good.

Sara - I'll post my Project 365 pictures whenever and if ever hubby can get the pics off the hard drive. I had already downloaded most of them from my camera.



  1. wish I had a "live-in" computer whizzzzzzz! :) Jan

  2. yea! I rarely let the boys or even daniel us mine! *smile*

  3. I think I need to dump the junk off this one too... That makes me want to burn dvd today to save..

  4. i love having my "own" computer that no one else touches!!!

  5. I feel your pain sister! I'm glad you're getting a new one :-)!!

  6. I hope you get your computer troubles sorted out soon.