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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful Nature Trail Geocache

I went geocaching Thursday night with a couple of friends. We went searching at a quiet nature trail in our small town. Turns out there were actually 2 hidden there. We eventually found both, but not without some effort. At one point all of us had our GPS's out trying to get the coordinates right. If anybody had been around and seen us they probably would have thought we were a bunch of dorks (my friend said we were geeky on her blog). By the way you can go here if you want to check out her side of the story, also with pictures. We ended up walking about 3 miles up and down a trail (I think because I'm not that great with the GPS) and we crossed a creek a couple of times and climbed a fairly steep hill (I thought for a minute I was with my brother on his Appalachian Trail hike! lol).

Anyway, this was a beautiful nature trail. I've lived in or near this town my whole life but had never been out here on this trail until just a couple weeks ago when hubby and I tried to find this geocache but ran out of time and had to leave. I think that's one of the things I love most about geocaching. It takes me places I've never taken the time to explore before. Like a few weeks ago when for the first time we went to the old Pioneer Cemetery in our town to find a cache and also checked out the war memorial in our town to find one. So if you've never tried geocaching, it may give you the opportunity and incentive to check out things you've never taken time for before. There's a button on my sidebar that will take you to their website where you can look up some geocaches in your area.
This is my friend "T" with the 2nd geocache find. It was an ammo box filled with all kinds of goodies. We added a couple of things to the treasure.
These next 2 pictures are of the creek we crossed a couple of times. Isn't it beautiful?

Here's some of the treasure that was hidden inside the first cache we found.
Not all caches are this big or have a lot of things inside them, some are very small and just have a log inside for you to note your find on. If they are like this, you can take a treasure and then leave a different treasure. We didn't take anything, but we did leave some little items.

I think hubby and I might go out today and try to enjoy the great weather and find a couple more. As you can see from the button on the sidebar, we are now up to 16 finds!!

Have a great day everyone and I'll talk to you later.



  1. it is beautiful out there!! I really am going to have to try this. My boys have done it with their youth group, but we will have to go out and try...before it gets too hot!

  2. Sounds just like "letterboxing" but a tad bit more complicated since you use a GPS. I know it's fun!

  3. I have never heard of geocaching. It looks really fun and I loved the beautiful pictures you shared. I have heard of letterboxing where boxes with rubber stamps are inside and hidden for people to find. They stamp a small notebook as a record. It must be so much more fun to keeep some treasure.


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