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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project 365

Click on the Project 365 and join Sara in the fun! I didn't get mine posted last Sunday, so here are pictures from 2 weeks. And yes, once again, I missed a couple days. But I figure every one that I get is a good thing. And I promise if anyone else wants to join in, Sara does not get upset with us for missing a day here and there. And it's never too late to start. So come join the fun!

Ok, either I did it wrong, or blogger messed up, but my pictures are in reverse order. But here we go anyway!

Saturday- July 4th
- we went to 2 parties, and yet still I didn't take a picture. What is that all about?!?
Sunday - July 3rd - the 4 of us went to Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch and my oh so mature 17 year old did this with her spaghetti and then grabbed my camera and took a picture!!!! lol

Thursday-July 2nd - Didn't get a picture this day. It was the only day I had to work this week. Guess I didn't feel much like take a picture. lol
Wednesday-July 1st - The girls on one of the rides at Cedar Point. Mostly they just rode the rollercoasters, but this was an easy one they rode.
Tuesday - June 30th - Saw lots of cornfields like this driving up to Sandusky from Anderson, Indiana
Monday - June 29th - Space ship house we passed in southwest Ohio on our way to Indiana.
Another view of the spaceship house.

Sunday-June 28th - Whoops, no picture again!
Saturday-June 27th - The girls coming out of the grocery. It's so fun having kids old enough that can go into the grocery and get a few items for you. (Actually it was for them and a youth group fund raiser they were involved in)

Friday-June 26th - There are several kittens that like to stay in our backyard. We don't feed them and I don't actually know who they belong too, but they sure do spend a lot of time in our yard by the shed. My dog wants to get to them so bad, but her chain is just not quite long enough and believe the kittens know it and just love to antagonize her!!

Thursday-June 25 - this is the day my sis and I went shopping and out to lunch and then swimming in her wonderful pool. Just the 2 of us.

Wednesday-June 24th - No picture again. I was too busy enjoying my alone time!!!

Tuesday-June 23rd
- A beautiful sunset from my backyard.
Monday-June 22nd - Another picture of the camp where the girls spent the week. Such a beautiful place.

Sunday - June 21st -3 Parachutists with a big American Flag tied to them. They are between the trees. Not a real clear picture, but you can see them.


  1. that last picture is so neat!!
    what a cool idea
    enjoyed your pics
    thx 4 sharing

  2. great week!!

    ok, those space ship things are really houses?!!!! weird!

  3. That spaceship house is wild. I haven't seen it on TV ever. It would be fun to have a peek inside.

    Pool time with you and your sister sounds very nice.

  4. Wonderful photos. I especially like the sunset.

    Have a great week!

  5. Fun pictures...that would be hard to take a picture a day and post it. Some days I take 30 (when we do somehing fun) and most days I take none.

    You're dedicated. Great job.

    Have a great week,
    Nannette from Life: Be In It

  6. Cool spaceship houses! Love the pool and the smiley face made me smile. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your week.

  7. I enjoyed all your great pictures. The space ship house is amazing. What I would give to have a look inside! Your sisters pool looks very inviting.

  8. That was a house? Seriously!? WOW! How cool is that.

    Glad you had a good week. =0)