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Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Project 365 Week 4

Sunday 1/17/2010

Tracy and I were watching TV & computering after church Sunday night.

Monday 1/18/2010

Kelli working on a school art project Monday evening

Tuesday 1/19/2010

Look who's visiting in my office at work right now.  I definitely need a Disney fix!

Wednesday 1/20/2010

Homemade Potato Soup - Yummy

Thursday 1/21/2010
Kelli working on the art project again, this time in the living room watching TV.

Friday 12/22/2010

Tracy working puzzles!

Saturday 1/23/2010

Actually saw the sun this morning! Well, just a little bit.

Well that was our week. Nothing much exciting, but still a good week.  Why don't you click the button above and join in on the fun with the rest of us at Sara's


  1. isn't it great to multi-task?!!

    love your daughter's art work...she is so talented!

    soup looks yummy!

    my husband does crosswords....I have never liked them...maybe because I can never come up with the answers!

    great week!

  2. now you have me all crazy wanting to see the finished product of Kelli's art work. she is so talented.

  3. Soup looks great! It's been a long time since I made that. Might have to this week. Looks like a great relaxing kind of week. My favorite!

  4. I remember when I could watch t.v. and do something else at the same time. No longer though. My brain only seems to function on one activity at a time. *sigh*

    The potato soup does look yummy! I am so hungry right now. Can you set a place for me at the table too? :-)

  5. I used to love those projects in school.

    The potato soup looks yummy! Today would be a great day for it. It's raining nonstop.

    I'm gonna try doing this this week. Have a good week Cathy!

  6. I enjoyed seeing your week in pictures. We haven't seen the sun for days either but at least the snow has all gone now.

  7. Yes my computer and TV are both constantly running...yep. I love last pictures really so peaceful.

    Great pics this week...


  8. That soup looks great! I think I may be heading to the grocery store...

    Check out this site for a Disney fix...

  9. We havent seen the sun in quite awhile ourselves...& that also leads me to needing a Disney fix! :)

    I'm totally craving potato soup now! mmmmmm....

  10. fun pics...would love to have some of that soup

  11. I enjoy puzzles and potato soup,
    multi-tasking and art, too.
    Kelli is very good.
    Have a blessed week!

  12. I ALWAYS need a Disney fix! I adore Disney!!

    looks like a nice week!

  13. That soup looks perfect for a chilly day! Love the multi-tasking..seems like that is life anymore.
    Have a super week!

  14. Cathy! oh the soup!!! I have been wanting to make some potatoe soup myself. I will be posting pics on food OTHER than COOKIES later myself! lol I make too many cookies! And the picture of the trees is fab!! And I need your help to organize by bookshelfs, yours looks great!!!
    Praying you get more sunlight. :)

  15. Kelli's artwork looks great~ Your pictures of her working will be great for her graduation collage/scrapbook ;o)

    Potato soup = comfort food

    Yes, cloudy again here too... with lots of rain...
    So glad the sun peeked out for a couple of days!
    A happy week to you, Cathy~

  16. i love how you posted everyday stuff, i am starting to think that those are the best memories.

  17. Kelli's art project is amazing!
    Ditto on the Disney fix.
    Yum. Soup. I could eat soup every day.

  18. awww that homemade potato soup looks really yummy :) great series of photos!

    u may view mine here

  19. The Art project looks lovely. We've always got a couple of those going on around here too.

    Potato Soup! Yum! I may have to make up a batch of that this week. I love how the 365ers make me want to eat. :)


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