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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


First of all, if you haven't take a look at my earlier post this morning here.  I was talking about what a wonderful morning it was.  Well just a short time after finishing that post.  I received a call from Kelli who had just left for school.

She said "Mom, I slid off the road."

"Are you alright?"


"Where are you?"

"Just down the road."

"Can I walk there?"

She laughed, "Yes."

Sure enough I walked to the end of the drive and there she was about 2 houses down.  We are the 2nd house on our street and she had slid through the stop sign and over into the ditch.  See what I mean?

So I walked down to check things out and then we came back to the house.  I had to figure out what to do.  Remember hubby was already gone on a hospital visit.  So I called work and told them I'd be late and then called the Sheriff's Office for a report and then finally called AAA for a wrecker.  Of course I did call hubby and get input from him as to what to do too.  We walked back to the car and waited for everyone to show up.

Finally they did, and we got the car towed and the report made and unfortunately a ticket written.  I was sure hoping that wouldn't happen.
After everything was over, we walked home and Tracy came in just a short time later.  We let Kelli stay home from school and we took Kerri in and I went to work.  Got there about 11:00am.  One of my bosses came in later with a Bike Officer's Helmet and gave it to me to take home to Kelli and tell her she needed to start wearing this when she was driving.  As you can see, she was willing to model it, but I think if she sees my boss anytime soon his life won't be worth spit.  lol

Kelli's ok, just a small bump and abraision on her forehead and she had a pretty bad headache this afternoon.  But she's feeling better and we ordered in pizza for supper.  So I think she feels a little pampered and she's recovering nicely.

Mom, on the other hand, is exhausted.   I don't like my kids to have accidents.  But God I know you knew what you were doing this morning when you let me have such a relaxing time, because you knew this was going to happen and if I'd already been rushed, I probably would've gone off the deep end.  Thank you for knowing me and what is going to happen to my family and taking care of us Lord.  As I've said before, you are totally amazing and awesome!!


  1. I'm so glad she's okay. I gasped when I saw the title of this post in my reader.

    Of course, down here, no one would be out on roads like that!

  2. It was bad here this morning too... I ended up sliding off the road myself... but luckily it was flat & into gravel where I could get out easily...

    glad no one was hurt!!! (I hate winter!)

  3. I'm with Linda, I gasped when i saw the title in my reader! I am so glad she is ok! having been through this with 2 of my children, I know what it can do to a mama's heart!!!

  4. I think we all gasped at this title, ACCIDENT!

    PRAISE THE LORD that she is alright and not seriously hurt. God knows all and he was preparing you this morning for what was to come. He is awesome that way! :> )


  5. Cathy! Oh my word! I am so glad she is ok physically but I will pray that she will not be gripped with fear. I have had an accident before also with circumstances a bit out of my control and she needs to not over think it. Praise God He does know what He is doing. :) My son and neighbor friend did not ride their bikes to school today and my 11 year old said to me that God must have not allowed him to ride to school today for a reason. :) I love to see FAITH alive and active in my children!!! Hang in there and put a hedge about her to keep fear at bay and Faith in the clear.

  6. Oh and btw why on earth did they give her a ticket???? wow!!! did she offend the ice???? lol

  7. That is so scary. I am so glad she is ok. Yikes. I hate winter.

  8. Glad to hear she is okay.. G took ours today there was no way she was driving on this crap or we would be right there with ya.

  9. That's just scary!! I'm so glad we get so little snow/ice. Of course it's suppose to hit this weekend..and NOONE here can drive on it.
    God is good...all the time! Thank Him she wasn't hurt more!

  10. I am also so thankful that she is o.k. What a scary thing. Kids !!!!

  11. see!!!! That's wht I told you I HATE snow!!!

    So glad she is okay and I know it scared you to death.

  12. I'm glad everything worked out alright. I know that had to be stressful. I've gone in the ditch from the slick roads myself. Thank God He goes before us and hems us in from behind! Hope the rest of your week goes smoothe.

  13. she was a good sport to model that helmet! and i'm glad she is ok!

  14. So glad Kelli's okay! That's the best news... to hear they're okay!
    Those roads look slick... my driveway was slippery as were some corners I took on the way to work ... everything seemed dry otherwise... who would know!
    Several months after our son, Jason started driving he hit a deer... I'll tell you, it put him on the defensive for a very long time... which is a GOOD THING!
    I feel for you ... and for Kelli!
    God bless you ~ and you deserve another calm morning, Cathy!
    ~take care~

  15. Oh, Cathy, I'm so glad she is okay!!!

    I realize that she slid through a stop sign but why would they give her a ticket for that? I am confuzzled.

  16. Bless her heart! I'm glad she was okay. You did good, Cathy! You handled it well. :)

  17. Hey Cathy!

    I'm trying to get caught up with my BGF's (bloggy girlfriends) this morning and am so thankful that Kelli's OK!!! PTL!!

    Having survivied two teeanagers (PTL) and several serious car accidents (one totaled), I completely understand how stressful a phone call like Kelli's was!!! But I'm also thankful that you had some relaxing "me" time earlier that a.m.!!! Wonderful how the Lord orchestrates things isn't it!!!

    Have a blessed weekend!!

    Sweet Blessings!


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