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Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday

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Tell about any grandparents, cousins, or other extended family that was special to you growing up. Did they live near you or some distance away? Do you have any particular childhood memories (good OR bad!) of times spent with your grandparents? With your cousins? Did you spend holidays with them? At whose house did you generally gather? Do you still keep up with cousins, aunts & uncles, etc.? Did your paternal relatives and maternal relatives know and get along with each other?  Remember, the questions are just to spur your memories; you don't have to specifically address them, although you are welcome to!
I love my family and God has definitely blessed me with a wonderful family.  The church I grew up in was started by both sets of my grandparents.  That would be my mom's parents and my dad's parents that decided little town USA needed a church and they started the work in a theatre and then eventually built a church and that's where I attended until about the age of 26 or 27.  The church is still there and I have 1 aunt that still attends there.  There were all kinds of cousins and aunts and uncles that attended there when we were kids, so there was always someone to play with or sit with during church.  That was fun!
Then as I grew up my dad's parents always went to Safety Harbor, FL for the winter.  They had a winter home there and so lots of times during the Christmas break we would go there and visit.  I loved (and still do) love going to Florida.  Anyway, they had fruit trees in their yard so we'd always get fresh fruit and I remember one year, Grandma bought Fruit Loops Cereal and we had that for breakfast.  It was the first time I'd ever eaten Fruit Loops.  And to this day, I still love that cereal and every time I open a box I think of my grandparents and the times we had in Florida with them.

This is my mom's dad & mom

This is dad's mom and dad

And this is me and my brother's & sisters.  I'm in the middle in the striped shirt


  1. Your memories give a whole new meaning to the term "church family" - what fun!

    And I love the old B&W photos!

  2. Hi Cathy, isn't it nice to have a Grandma who would bring fruit loops (thinks that you parents wouldn't or couldn't buy for a big family)?

    Your pictures are great!

    I enjoyed reading about everyone and the starting of your old home church. Mom had an uncle who started one in Iowa but then some new members thought he should stop smoking his pipe. He quit the ministry instead!

    Thank you for peeking in on my sister, Lois, last week. I got so far behind that I didn't answer my commnets. Bad boy. ;-)

    Although there were only my sister and I our family has five kids. I thank you for an outside fewing of how that was.

  3. you are sure the brightest smile in that last photo! i love my old photos. from generations past especially. they are truly my treasure among treasures. sweet post!

  4. Hi Cathy
    I enjoyed hearing about your family. That's great they started the church there. It must be such a special place for you.
    Love the picture of you in the stripey shirt. You look so happy.

  5. I loved reading your memories of your grandparents. I know what you mean about the Froot Loops! ;) My mother only bought Rice Krispies or corn flakes. Froot Loops at Granny's would have been a treat!

  6. I love how certain things can take us back to a certain place and time in our life. rekindle old memories. love it. fruit loops. That is great. You are so cute in that picture.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE old photos. I've confiscated every old b&w pic on both sides of my families dating way back into the 1800s I think now and scanned them. I'm working on putting together albums with them.
    I did not get to grow up with my extended family around. Mom's family is all in KY, Dad's family is all in NE, we are in AR. We were lucky to see grandparents and maybe cousins (if we went there) once a year. I missed so much not getting to know all my relations. Luckily Facebook has brought a bunch of us together and we are now getting that opportunity!
    you are so blessed to have had family around you!!

  8. I just love the old photos...and that's a great 'church' story!


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