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Sunday, October 4, 2015


Day 4 of the 31 Day Writing Challenge with a prompt from 5 Minute Friday. The prompt for today is "Embrace."

Since I've decided to embrace this writing challenge, I'm going to see if I can't make it through all 31 days.  Enbrace is another word you can use in different ways.  You can embrace an idea and then try to fulfill it.

You can also, embrace someone as in hug them.  I've never been one to hug much. My dad and mom were pretty much the same way and so were my brothers and sisters.  We used to try to avoid having to hug our grandparents or aunts and uncles when we had family get-togethers or when we would travel and visit relatives who lived far away.  I remember when we would get out of the car and they relatives would start coming around and wanting hugs, my dad would go to the back of line to try to avoid them and us kids would do the same.  It makes me laugh to think about it now.

I remember our family talking about our lack of expressing our love for each other, but we all knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that we were loved and that we loved each other.  So maybe it wasn't expressed by words or by hugs, we knew.

As I've grown up, I'm still not much of a hugger except for with my hubby.  I've always loved hugging him.  Even with the girls, sometimes it's hard for me.  Especially when I know they want to hug me just to make me cringe.  They just love doing that. lol  But at least I've never had any trouble telling my girls I love them.  I know they know and I know they love me too.

I have to say though, I am learning to get better about showing my feelings and accepting hugs and even once in a while initiating them.  I guess it can get easier with practice.  I have even learned in the last year or so to actually tell my parents that I love them. I'm so glad I did since mom is gone now and I'll never get the chance to tell her again.  At least for the last year or so, I told her almost every time I saw her.  I'm so glad.


  1. My family, as I was growing up, definitely didn't express (verbally or physically) our love ... and that was something I vowed that I'd change when I became a mama. I hugged and held my daughter and always told her that I loved her. I don't ever want her to doubt whether she was loved like I did. However, having said that, I admit that I am uncomfortable with hugging outside my immediate family (DH, DD and her family). I still struggle with hugging my dad or my sisters ... and as a result, I don't often initiate the hugging. I wish I could get past that.

  2. Maybe it was our generation I am thinking as I read Kathy's comment too a ndmy family growing up RARELY hugged or kissed or said I love you either. I don't remember many family's that did....at least where I saw them. There was one family that hugged and said it all the time [even to me!] and I remember thinking it was pretty wonderful. I was not overly demonstrative with my own kids growing up either but it has changed in recent years. They never come into my presence or leave it without a hug and I am VERY demonstrative with my grandkids. Hubby was always an exception. He is very huggable, though he too is not overly demonstrative and grew up the same way. My sisters and I have become huggers just recently. Kind of after mom died. Never any doubt how we felt,, just the way we were raised I think. Mom changed her ways in her last years and both hugged and said it in her last few years, but do you know I can't recall my dad EVER saying it, nor do I remember any hugs. Sad really. Sorry for the long comment, lol. This trigger lots of thoughts

  3. It seems like a lot of us had very similar experiences. I'm thinking perhaps it is not only a symptom of hurting/dysfunctional families in a fallen world, but also a cause that creates more hurt. I tried to be different with my kids, but still fell short at times, I'd guess, from things they sometimes say these days.

  4. I love hugs, sending you big hugs


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