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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

A Sentence A Day - September 2020

 Here is my September One Day at a time.  

1 - Tuesday.  I started a new hat as I have a goal to try to use up a bunch of my yarn stash because I don't want to buy more until I do.

2 - Wednesday.  Finished the hat I started and found one that I had made a long time ago all except closing up the top of it, so I finished that too.

3 - Thursday.  So thankful my daughter keeps me happy with photos of my grandson and I finished reading "Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio" by Serena Miller (and I've been to Sugarcreek and love to read books that take place in places I've been.

4 -  Friday.  Went to dinner with hubby's mom and had a great time with lots of talking and laughter.

5 - Saturday.  We washed and swept out the van and went to lunch at Longhorn...yummy...and I finished reading "Hunted" by Margaret Daley.

6 - Sunday.  Watched a Veggie Tale movie in Sunday School with the kids (Madame Blueberry) and then a visit with my sisters and a Sunday afternoon nap before heading back for evening service.

7 - Monday.  Day off work and we made reservations for our November vacation and hoping we will get to go.

8 - Tuesday.  Back to work and then daughter sent these cute photos of grandson in his new Baby Yoda PJ's.

9 - Wednesday.  Work and then hubby did live FB Bible Study and I have so been enjoying this study on Paul.

10 - Thursday.  I can't remember but I know I worked.

11 - Friday.  I worked and then hubby and I went to dinner with his mom.

12 - Saturday.  Took my sister's cat to the vet...think we traumatized her trying to get her in the carrier. We gave up and let her ride like this and she was fine.

13 - Sunday.  My baby turned 26...I can't believe it! 

14 - Monday.  Can't remember, but I know I worked.

15 - Tuesday.  Can't remember, but I know I worked

16 - Wednesday.  Colton is 4 today! 

17 - Thursday.  Had an early morning doctor's appointment with my new nurse practitioner then headed out to the airport and flew to Florida and had a fun evening with Kelli watching the new Mulan and eating Chinese carry-out for dinner.

18 - Friday.  Kelli had an appointment at a cute little boutique to try on wedding dresses and she said yes to the dress!  

19 - Saturday.  Kelli and I had a fun morning and went to lunch together and then back to the airport to fly home.  It was a quick trip, but so many fun memories.

20 - Sunday.  So good to be home with hubby again as I sure do miss him when we are apart.

21 - Monday.  Back to work.

22 - Tuesday.  Hubby had an early morning doctor's appointment and I sat in the van and enjoyed this view.

23 - Wednesday.  Again I worked and then Bible Study on Paul with hubby live on FB and I'm beginning to realize I really like Paul.

24 - Thursday.  Can't remember, but I know I worked.

25 - Friday.  Work and then dinner out at Fazoli's with Tracy's mom.

26 - Saturday.  Went to Hobby Lobby and got some fall decorations for inside my house.  You can go here it you'd like to see them.

27 - Sunday.  This was a typical Sunday with church (2 services) and picked up lunch and then took a nap.  Perfect Sunday.

28 - Monday.  Lucy seemed to be scratching more than normal so she had a visit to the vet and he said all is okay.

Waiting in the car.  She would not look at me for a picture.  lol

29 - Tuesday.  Worked and then came home and worked on another new loom hat and finished reading "His Holiday Family" by Margaret Daley and yes, I am reading Christmas books.

30 - Wednesday.  Eye appointment with a new doctor that I really liked and all is well and ordered new glasses.

That was pretty much my month.  

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  1. Wow that was a pretty good account of your month! I am knitting a scarf right now. That is a cute picture of Colton in hi new pj's. My 6 year old grandson would love them!

  2. I love Paul...Him & Peter... I cant wait to hear from them in heaven
    That cat!!!! Poor thing!
    I'm more shocked that your Grand is 4 years old - that blows my mind!

  3. You had quite a busy month!! Especially with that whirlwind trip to and from Florida, but what fun you had. Love Colton's new pj's! So cute! I am sure he was loving them. Little boys are so much fun. I've started attending a ladies' Bible study on Joshua and conquering worry. So far so good. I'm not the least bit worried. LOL. Have a great rest of your week.

  4. Colton just gets cuter and cuter! And wow, the expression on the face of your sister's kitty! Sounds like a whirlwind month. So glad you're making the most of Life, even amid the pandemic.

  5. Your pictures are just THE BEST!! Thanks for taking us through the month!

  6. You had a busy month! Those Yoda pjs are so cute. I love the view you had while waiting for your husband to return from his doctor's appointment. So pretty! The study on Paul sounds interesting. I am teaching a study on the book of Titus.

  7. I like all your hats and those Yoda pjs are cute!!!

  8. That white or cream colored hat is so pretty. Love the bright colored one, too. They both would go with anything!!

    Yay for a wonderful weekend of memory making. Glad your daughter found a YES-worthy wedding dress. I remember those days with my daughters. Very special.

    Your grandson is just a little doll. I know how pictures of our grands can make any day better.


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