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Friday, December 23, 2011

Plans for the Day - Updated 7:45pm

I'm on a mini Christmas Vacation until Tuesday and I think today is going to be a fun day. Here are our plans so far.

1. Heading to Union Terminal in Cincinnati to see the Duke Energy Train Display.
2. Trying a chili restaurant we've never been to but was on the Travel Channel, Man vs Food Nation show. It's called Camp Washington Chili.
3. Then the girls and I are going to a movie. Either "Arthur Christmas" or "We Bought a Zoo." Any thoughts on which is best?

First we went to try the chili restaurant.  Camp Washington Chili.  I got a roast beef sandwich & fries that were out of this world.  Everybody else tried the chili and said it was really good.  We talked to the owner when we were checking out and he said they had been there since 1940.  It was just a simple place, but had good food and we really enjoyed it.  Here's a couple pictures.
Camp Washington Chili from the parking lot

This is their Christmas tree in the front of the restaurant.

Next we went to Union Terminal and saw the Christmas Train Display. The place was packed and we did a lot of waiting but it was a lot of fun.  We also decided to go to the Omnimax and see the Rocky Mountain Express which was about the train that was built across Canada in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Wow!  The scenery was beautiful, but it made me a little dizzy and nauseous, so I had to keep my eyes closed a lot of the time during the second half.  But it was still fun.  Here are some pictures.

This is the front of the Terminal.  This is where all the trains used to come into Cincinnati and it's now a Museum Center.  There's a History Museum, a Children's Museum, and an Omnimax Theater.. It is an absolutely beautiful place.

The big window in the main lobby of the terminal.

Here's a small section of the mural in the lobby area.

Here's part of the train display.  This is a model of Cincinnati.

This is part of the Christmas display

Here's where they run all the model trains in the Christmas Part of the Display.

Here's one of the many lines of waiting we were in.

Here are the girls waiting in line.

This was a fun bunch of Christmas Carolers inside the Museum.

Kelli playing "pull my finger" with this flat-engineer guy directing us to the Christmas Trains.

Thomas the Train in the Christmas display.  Didn't even know I got a picture of him until I posted it here.

With all the crowds and waiting in line and then watching the Omnimax Movie, we didn't make it to see Arthur's Christmas or the Zoo movie.  Maybe another day!

Hope you enjoyed our trip to Union Terminal.  I know we did.

Merry Christmas.


  1. Have a fun day and a Merry Christmas! We saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie on Tuesday and we liked it. I think the zoo movie looks good even tho I'm not a huge Scarlett Johannson fan.

  2. The zoo one I want to see. We might go to that one over the weekend. Have a great Christmas!


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