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Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Weekend Wrap-up at a Defined Life

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Friday night we just stayed home and had a quiet evening.

Saturday we got up early and went to the Newport Aquarium.  Below are some pictures from the Aquarium.

These are "Upside Down Jellyfish"  Kind of weird-looking, don't you think?

The have a section called the Amazon Forest and this bird flew down real close and was watching me with the camera.  I think he was hoping I had something to eat for him.  He had the most beautiful bright colored feathers.

Isn't he beautiful?

Believe it or not, this guy was over my head.  They have these huge glass tunnels that you walk through and the fish are swimming all around you.

I petted a shark for the first time in my life.  They had a tank with these fellas in it so you could be them.  They didn't feel like I though they would.  They are kinda fuzzy feeling.  This is a leopard shark and they had pajama sharks and spotted sharks.  I petted one like this and the pajama sharks.  Kerri wanted to pet the biggest one, so she petted the spotted shark.  It took us a bit to work up our nerve, but we did it.  She wanted to so she would have a new FB status and of course, I did it so I could tell you all about it.  haha

The penquins are probably my favorites! 

Then we walked out on the levee and watched the activity on the river for a bit

Something I seldom do....show a picture of hubby and me.  We neither one like our picture taken.

Kerri posing for the camera. She always takes such good pictures!

It's almost 11:00, so we started looking for a place to eat lunch. 

We saw this girl posing.  She was so cute and did a really good job.

We ended up at Dewey's Pizza for lunch.  Tracy and I had never heard of it, but Kerri had been there with her youth group and said it was really good.  She was right!

Tracy and I shared a veggie pizza that was awesome!

Kerri had a cheese pizza.
That evening after running around and doing our Saturday chores and shopping, we went and visited with Mom and Dad and the family that was there.  We always have a good time at their house on Saturday nights.  They just sorta always have an open house on Saturday nights and us kids come and go.  It's about the only time I see some of my brothers and sisters.

Sunday was church and all the fathers received a gift.  I left my camera in the car, so I didn't get any pictures of the oldest fathers like I did the mothers.

After lunch, we went to my in-laws and had lunch and spent the afternoon looking at pictures from some of our past Disney trips.  My brother and sister-in-law and sons just returned from a trip a few weeks ago and then we'll be going in about 10 weeks and the in-laws will be meeting us there for a few days.  Can't wait.

Well, that's about all that happened on our weekend.  It was just the kind of weekend I love.  Time to rest and read, do some chores and have some fun times with family and just enjoying ourselves together.

How was your week-end?


  1. Such great photos at the aquarium!!!! And...those pizzas look delicious!!! My mouth is watering just looking at them. Our weekend was great, but it is about to get even better as we head to the beach today for vacation!

  2. I wish there was an aquarium nearby here.

    We visited Newport when we went to Cincinnati in 1998 ... we walked across the river on a bridge ... that was fun.

  3. What a great weekend!! Love the picture of you and Hubby, nice to see you and I don't think I've ever seen your Husband. The aquarium tunnel must have made you feel like you were really under the sea.

  4. It's fun to see a picture of the two of you. Looks like it was a beautiful day! You're so fortunate to have extended family nearby...we are all so spread out.

    My youngest daughter's boyfriend lives in Cincy...he took her to the aquarium when she visited his family last summer. She is a bit of a shark afficionado : ) Seriously, she knows more about sharks than anyone I know! She got to hold one in Marco in May and was beaming!

  5. Looks like a great weekend. Love the pictures. I totally forgot about this meme but I also didn't take any pictures this weekend. Enjoy your week.

  6. Good to see you again Cathy! Sounds like a packed weekend! I haven't been to an aquarium in years, but it sounds like a lot of fun. We have one a couple of hours from us, we may just have to take a little road trip. Is Kerri your daughter? She sure is pretty!


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