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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Birds In The B's! Weekend Wrap-Up

This is how we spent some of the weekend. Click here if you'd like to join in at "A Defined Life" for the "Weekend Wrap-Up"
Driving through town heading out for some lunch and errands on Saturday.

The Gazebo park in our town.

Went to the grand opening of this place and got some items for our upcoming trip.

Cloudy skies Saturday

I was playing with the camera and saw this nest in the letter B and took a picture

Then we saw this nest in this letter B in the Subway Sign

And this nest in the letter B in the H R Block sign.

Thus the title the Birds in the B's, which was thought of by my youngest daughter.

Sunday morning while getting ready for church I was listening to this station.  Mouse World Radio!  Think I'm ready for our trip!  haha

And this is my new ukulele.  Got it Saturday night from my brother. Hope I can learn to play it.  I've learned 2 chords so far. 

This is my week-end in a nutshell.  Why not go to "A Defined Life and join in and tell us about your weekend.


  1. Good eye on finding those birds in the B's!! And cute title from your daughter!!

    Are you counting the days down until time to leave for Disney? ;-)

    I didn't link up to the meme this week because I didn't see a new thread for this week's wrap-up ... I didn't know if she was doing it any more. :-(

    1. I don't know about the link up either. She just may be running late this week.

  2. that gazebo looks like something out of a movie with all those flowers!

    such a clever title for that picture! :)

  3. I love all the bird nests. I guess the letter B is just the right kind of cozy shape for a nest : )

  4. That was cool that you found the bird nests in the B's. Great job and great eye.
    So how many days till Disney?


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