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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What is ONE thing or area in your home or life you hope to report is completely organized when 2013 draws to a close? Do you have a plan to make it happen?
My whole house.  Starting one closet and/or drawer at a time.

2. What's the worst uniform you've ever had to wear for a job?
I had to wear a police type outfit when I was a full-time dispatcher. White shirt, black pants, badge, patches, the whole bit.  It just wasn't all that comfortable. Plus if I stopped anywhere on the way to or from work, I felt like a fish in a fishbowl.  Everybody would look at you (thinking I was a police officer).  Just not my thing, although a lot of people like it. 

3. What was your last kitchen 'mishap'? This question comes to you courtesy of Betty who blogs over at A Glimpse Into Midlife...everyone go say hi to Betty!
The last one was just last week.  I burned a grilled cheese sandwich I was making.  Yuck!

4. How do you protect yourself from other people's negativity?
I just try not to stick around too long when things are getting really negative.

5. Who in your family do you most resemble (physically)? If you have children, who do people say they favor? Do you agree?
Probably my younger sister in looks, but in actions I believe I'm my mom made over.  People say our girls look like their dad.  They're probably right as they definitely have his coloring.  

6. January 8th is National Bubble Bath Day...will you be celebrating?
No, I much prefer a shower.

7. Some of the 'world's best winter festivals' are - Mardi Gras (New Orleans), Quebec Winter Festival (Canada), Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah), Rio Carnivale (Brazil), Sapporo Snow Festival (Japan), Venice Carnivale (Italy) and the Harbin Ice Festival (Northern China). Of those listed (and if cost were not a factor) which would you most like to attend and why?
Maybe Mardi Gras just because I'd like to go to New Orleans again.  I probably wouldn't go to the Festival, but just visit the city.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

This little one and her mama are staying with us for a little while. So you'll probably be seeing a lot more pictures of her here.  I have to say it's kinda fun having a baby in the house. 


  1. It's very fun having a baby in the house! : ) Enjoy it!

  2. I mostly answered that last question based on what city I'd like to see too. Although the pictures from the Harbin Ice Festival are really cool.

    Enjoy having a little one in the house-she's a cutie!

  3. Babies are so fun and sure do keep you hoppin! I want to go to Mardi Gras as well, but only because it's warmer there than here.

  4. Love the picture of the little one! So fun!

    And your answer to number 1 was perfect. :-)

  5. I need to use the same answer for #1, but I'm afraid I might not live long enough to complete that chore. :) New Orleans is so much fun! I can only imagine it during Mardi Gras! Have a great Wednesday!

  6. What a happy baby! Loved your answers! I hate burnt grilled cheese.

  7. You mean grilled cheeses arent supposed to be burned? :)

  8. My closets definitely need organizing. I was thinking of that this morning as I was staring into my little cram packed closet trying to find something to wear.

  9. Stopping by from the Hodgepodge blog hop! I'm a pastor's wife too! =)
    My hubby's family (that we lived near for 19 years) hasn't had a baby in the family for quite a while, and now we have two from my brother in law and his wife of four years, and I must say, LOVE those babies! Since we moved to start a church last year, we went back to be with the family for Christmas. My day was blessed so much that my niece wanted to play with me several times during the day.
    Have a great night! =)

  10. How burned was this grilled cheese?

  11. Me too....the whole house! What a cute little girl and I bet you are enjoying having her there with you.

  12. It is fun having a baby in the house. Also my daughter works as a dispatcher in Oregon. I. Do not understand the uniform. No one sees the dispatcher


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