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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's time again for the Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I'm so glad Joyce does this every week.  It helps me to at least keep my foot in the door of the blogging world.  So thank you, Joyce.

If you would like to play along, please just use the Hodgepodge Button and have some fun.  But I hope you'll read my answers and comment here first.

1. I'm (Joyce) celebrating a birthday this week so a question relating to aging feels appropriate. Douglas MacArthur is quoted as saying, 'You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair." Would you agree? If not why not?
I've never heard this saying, but it sounds pretty accurate to me. Fear, doubt, and despair can make you feel pretty old.

2. What remarkable feat, interesting piece of trivia, or historical event occurred on your birth day and month? Not necessarily in your birthyear, just the same date/same month.
August 4th 1892 - Lizzie Borden was arrested, 1956-Elvis Presley released the song "Hound Dog", 1900-The Queen Mother was born, and 1901-Louis Armstrong was born.

3. Describe a time or circumstance where you wanted to 'have your cake and eat it too.'
Don't we pretty much always "want" that, but we have to realize that it's usually not possible.

4. What's something you do that makes you feel young? Something that makes you feel old?
Doing something athletic makes me feel old, because I realize I can't do what I used to do.  Going to Disney World makes me feel young, because I am so carefree there and don't mind acting like a kid no matter what anyone else may think.

5. When did you last do something that was 'a piece of cake'?
Can't think of anything specific.  Maybe one of my crafts?

6. Beef, wine, and cheese all improve with age. What's something else you'd add to that list? (not necessarily food or beverage)
Hopefully, the older I get, I'm improving with age.  Maybe not in physical abilities, but in spiritual and emotional ways.

7. If I were to have a giveaway when we hit Volume 200, what should I give away? By my calculations we'll hit Volume 200 on November 26th, the day before Thanksgiving, which means whoever wins would have whatever it is in time for Christmas.
How about some kind of a Christmas ornament or decoration?

8. Insert your own random thought here.


  1. Oh, Lizzie Borden! I remember the ditty, 'Lizzy Borden took an axe, gave her mama 40 whacks. And when she saw what she had done, gave her papa 41.' Ew. But the Queen Mum, now that's something to celebrate. :-)

  2. Looks like some "interesting" things have happened on your birthdate. Great quote by Billy Graham...love him!

  3. I love the Billy Graham quote, and find the older I get the easier this is to follow. I came over here from Mocha with Linda's blog...you two share a birthday : )

  4. Your birth date events are the most interesting I've read, so far :)

    That's a nice random thought!

  5. Interesting things happen on your birthday. I'm glad you feel like a kid at Disney's. That's great.

  6. You have an exciting birthday! :) And, YES, to your #3! I knew you'd work Disney in there somewhere. LOL


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