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Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Four Fill-In


I've been seeing this Friday Four Fill-In around for a long time.  I decided to join in today.  Click the button above, if you'd like to play.

The statements:
  1. ___ taste ____
  2. Have you______
  3. My ______________________ always gets mad at me for ____________.
  4. When my alarm clock goes off, I ____________________.

My Answers

1.  I love the taste of sugar cookies. 

2.  Have you seen the last Hunger Games movie?  No, not yet, but I hope to next week while Kelli is home. 

3.  My puppy always gets mad at me for ignoring her. She chewed up the paper on one of the presents under the tree when I ignored her last night. Now our tree looks like this temporarily. 

4.  When my alarm clock goes off, I lay in bed for at least another 15 minutes, whenever possible. 



  1. haha!!! The tree... You know I totally understand that :)
    We always have to have something for Harvey to keep his attention - if he gets bored - destruction happens

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  3. Quick answers...I love sugar cookies too.. I also try to grab an extra 15 minutes...and no..I havent seen any of the Hunger Games (I know...Im such a saddo).But I really wish I had a Harvey ...he would be so spoilt.
    Have a great weekend
    Phoebe x

  4. You tree looks very pretty even with the gifts covered. Sugar cookies are yummy, except when they are over done like I did the other day :(

  5. Haven't seen the last Hunger Games yet but it is on my list of must see's. I was surprise at how good the first ones were. I liked the books, too.

  6. I love sugar cookies. I haven't seen the newest Hunger Games yet.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I haven't had a sugar cookie in forever. I need to change that!

  8. I play sometimes and I always check her post each week! Glad you joined in. Enjoyed your answer and I had to laugh at what you had to do with your tree because of Lucy!

  9. Uh oh...those puppies and kittens have their own way of decorating! Merry Christmas!


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