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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thankful Thursday


Today I am thankful for:

1.  My daughter who comes weekly to clean my house. She helps me out so much. Plus sometimes she brings the baby and hubby and I get to spend some time with him. Last night she came after work and we enjoyed talking and laughing with her and the baby so much.

2.  The dog is starting to calm down some now with the baby which makes things much more pleasant when he's here.

3.  The milder weather we've had this winter so far. I know it's getting ready to start getting colder, but I'm thankful for the warmer temps we have been having. It's been so nice.

4. For Saturday nights at home with hubby. We're doing Saturday night Harry Potter movies. I think this coming Saturday is either the 4th of 5th movie. I love that time with just Tracy and me and the dog.

5.  Thankful Thursday. Thank you Rebecca Jo for hosting Thankful Thursday every week. It helps me to stop and think of things each week that I'm thankful for. Big things or small things, I want and need to always remember to be thankful.  Click the button at the top to go visit Rebecca Jo and to join in with us at Thankful Thursday.



  1. ahh - thanks friend for adding me on to your list. I love it myself having a time to purposefully write down the good things in life.

    A clean house AND baby visit? That's so wonderful.

    I'm sure the doggie - just like any child - struggles with a new addition to the family. They adjust though. & then become best friends ;)

  2. How wonderful that your daughter is able and willing to do such a thing for you! And baby time as well? Well now it's a real winner. I love TV time with my hubby too! Enjoy your day!


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