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Friday, February 2, 2018

One Sentence A Day - January 2018

Joining in with Rebecca Jo for One Sentence a Day.  Click here if you'd like to join.

1.  Lunch with the in-laws at Fazoli's for good food (which mine was free since I downloaded their new app-just had to buy a soda) and great conversation.
2.  Back to work after a long weekend and then an evening at home watching some TV and crocheting and relaxing with hubby.
3.  Fun times with the folks at church tonight, learning and laughing together.
4.  Work day and a cold evening at home.
5.  Met with one sister and my brother and had a fun hour of talking and sharing. So good.
6.  Lunch out with hubby and watching the planes at Cincinnati Airport and crocheting too. Great time with the husband.

7.  Heat problems at church today. 63 degrees is a little chilly but we still had a good service.
8.  Went to work around 3 hours late due to all the ice around our place and I did not want to risk falling.
9.  Appointment with radiation doctor and all looks good but must start working on getting some more movement in my arm back from the surgery and radiation which requires some uncomfortable exercises.
10. Work and church.
11.  I can't remember what we did except go to work because I didn't fill in this day until the 29th.  lol
12.  Went home after work (starting to get pretty bad out) then had beef and noodles for dinner that had cooked all day in the crock pot...delicious!
13.  Spent most of the day at home because of the weather and did some cleaning and crocheting and watched Harry Potter The Chamber of Secrets.
14.  Had 2 great services on Sunday and a wonderful nap in the afternoon.
15.  Spent the entire day at home Netflixing, knitting, shoveling snow and just having a great day at home with hubby.
16.  Back to work after a 3 day weekend...enough said!
17.  God worked out a billing problem for my sister from her last eye surgery. So thankful it was taken care of with just one phone call.
18. Can't remember what we did, again, because I didn't fill this day in until the 29th.
19. Took Lucy to a vet appointment for 3 year rabies shot and she weighs 14.1 because mommy may be giving her to many bites of my food.  lol
20. Visited with both my sisters and got to play with their dog and cat.
21.  The highlight was a video chat with my grandson and his mommy (of course we do this lots of days)
22.  Video chat with grandson while he was taking his bath and that boy sure loves his bath.

23.  Dinner with the in-laws after work so hubby could try to help his mom set up her new phone.
24.  Just a normal day but that's good to me because I love our days.
25.  Hubby put a beef roast and veggies in the crockpot for supper and it was delicious!
26.  Came home from work and ordered in pizza and then did some laundry and watched some Netflix.
27.  Great day of reading, crocheting, napping, watching HP and spending time with my husband.

28.  Lunch with hubby’s family and happy 21st birthday to my nephew.
29.  Ran into the grocery to pick up a couple things and a snow squall hit and hubby was in the car and said it went from nothing to the whole parking lot covered in like 3 minutes and then it stopped.

30.  Worked and then had a quiet evening at home.
31.  Took hubby to get his blood drawn early and there was a beautiful sunrise to watch while I waited.

So what did you do in January?



  1. Look at you. You did it. You'll love looking back at all the memories & love seeing all the time you had enjoying life.

  2. Wow!! That is impressive! I can't remember what I did today, let alone all month...but maybe if I wrote it down every day I might...great idea! One sentence a day? Maybe I could do that. Great journal idea! Thanks for this. Sounds like a great month...cold, but great!!

  3. Isn't it so fabulous that we have the opportunity to video chat nowadays?? It makes long distance so much better!!
    What a nice month Cathy!


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