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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Wednesday - At Home

 Good Morning Everyone:

Today it's Wednesday, 1/25/2023 at 9:12AM

We have new snow this morning and I believe it's supposed to snow/sleet on and off all day and into tomorrow.  So, we are home and this is a bit about what my morning has been like. I woke up around 5:30 and finished the book I've been reading and it was very good.

Finished this morning

Started this morning

It seems that on days we stay home that I'm in the kitchen most of the day, either making a mess or cleaning up a mess.  Made breakfast for hubby and me.  Eggs and Sausage and we both enjoyed that.  Oh and so did Lucy!  lol

While cooking the eggs and sausage, I put 1/2 eggs in and boiled them.  Plan to make some deviled eggs later.  

I filled the bird feeder and though this picture was taken through the blinds and screened window, you get the idea that the birds are enjoying it.  There was even a beautiful cardinal there eating for a minute.  I was unable to get his picture, but I sure enjoyed watching him.

Here are a few pictures outside this morning.

Puppy paw prints

Standing on our front porch looking across the front yard and the neighbor's homes

Standing in the drive and looking across the front yard towards the next door neighbors

Lucy enjoying being outside again this morning

Lucy doesn't mind the snow as long as the temperatures aren't sub-zero.  It's currently 35 degrees, so she's happy.  Don't worry, I don't keep her out very long.

Gotta wrap this up as hubby will be doing a live Bible Study on FB at 10:30am.  He usually does this at church, but we don't want to get out on the roads, so, he'll be doing it from our livingroom.

I'm missing the Hodge Podge, but I know Joyce deserves this break.  I kind of enjoy doing a post like this sometimes.  My blog is as close to journaling that I'll ever do and I do enjoy going  back from time to time to read some of my old posts.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great day. It's now 10:03am.



  1. Your morning sounds comfy AND nourishing! Our girls are such whusses, there's little chance they'd ever venture out into snow. Yay, Lucy!

    1. Maybe the truth is they are just smart and Lucy is just plain silly. lol

  2. I don't think I could handle the cold and snow anymore. Gosh, I cover up and put warm clothing on when it is in the 50s!! LOL Lucy looks like she is having fun, though!! Stay warm and safe up there!!

    1. My daughter is the same. She lives in Texas and can't take the cold at all any more.

  3. It will be 35 here in the morning, and is 53 now at 6:30 pm. But no snow for us. I enjoy seeing your snow, however. I can enjoy that kind all day long! LOL. Lucy is so cute. She doesn't seem to mind the snow, but I am sure she doesn't want to stay out long. The Cardinals are always so pretty against the white snow. Enjoy them all you can! And throw a snowball for me! Have a blessed day/night.


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