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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

*** There was a giveaway on Instagram and I won.  I love this little felt flower with shells in the cup.  Also the card that came along with it is beautiful.  These items were made by Pam at Empty Nest.  Her Etsy Shop is CoasterDoodles.  If you don't know her, click the link above to her blog.  She is a lot of fun.

*** On Memorial Day hubby and I took a long drive to Plain City and had lunch in an Amish restaurant.  It was delicious.  Just look at this salad.  Yummy!!

*** Later that afternoon we went to the cemetery and decorated mom and dad's grave.  I just feel so blessed to have had them for as long as we did.  I sure do miss them though.

*** I'm also thankful for the time I've had to get back into my crocheting and looming lately.  3 of these were made awhile back but I had just never worked in the ends.  The other 2 I've just recently made.  Now they are all complete.  I started another yesterday and hope to complete it today and maybe start another.  I'm also in the middle of looming a hot pink beanie with faux fur pompom.  It won't be long at this rate until I'll be opening that Etsy Shop again. 

*** I'm so thankful for all the Jesus has done for me, the good health, the good job, a wonderful church family and my dearly loved husband.

So what are you thankful for this week.  Click here to join in with Rebecca Jo at Thankful Thursday.

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  1. The grave site looks beautiful! I love Amish restaurants...the salads and baked chicken are always fantastic!

  2. You know I love all your beautiful crochet work.
    Isn't it exciting winning something. Just makes the day so much better.
    After trying to decide on dad's headstone, I am super impressed with your parents - its beautiful!!
    Thanks as always for linking up with me!

  3. Pam is making some beautiful items. Congratulations! Yes your salad looks delicious. I don't live near the cemetery to visit my mom or other family members, it's back in Illinois. Your crocheting is lovely.

  4. Amish restaurants have the best home cooking. I live in Lancaster County, PA and there are a bunch of them here. You are not close by, are you?

  5. Oh I love your crocheting projects - absoltuely beautiful!

  6. Pam's coasters are amazing too!! My water is sitting on one of them right now! Keep us posted about your shop!

  7. The flower is so cute. Congrats on winning it! I will be lining up when you open your store. I need a source for those crocheted dish cloths. I love them and there isn't always a craft show handy when you need a new one.

  8. Love your dish cloths/pot holders? They are so colorful and bright. Love that you were able to decorate your parents' grave for Memorial Day. We are a bit too far away to do ours, and I feel bad because my mother in law always made sure everyone's graves in the family had flowers and/or flags for Memorial Day, etc. So cute the little flower pot, etc., you got as a prize. What a neat idea. Have a happy summer!!

  9. That salad looks wonderful.. I can only wonder about the rest of the menu! WOW!!!


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