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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skies This Week

I love it when I see unexpected things in the sky. It seems that balloons are fairly common in my area, but I don't see a blimp real often. What about in your area of the country, do you ever see blimps or hot air balloons?
I saw this balloon while waiting for Kerri and my sister-in-law to come out of the "Y".

And we saw this blimp as we were driving home after Sunday afternoon lunch with the in-laws.


  1. We see lots of hot air balloons here in the AZ desert! They are so pretty against the bright blue sky. Don't see many blimps though...every once and awhile for a sporting event over Cardinal Stadium!

  2. I hardly ever see balloons around here. I just love the way they look in the sky...so beautiful.

  3. I never see hot air balloons here...to mountainous I think. But when I grew up in AZ, we saw them all the time!!! I have always wanted to ride in one...maybe some day.

  4. We saw the blimp too, but never did get close enough to read what it said on the side...glad you posted it, hahaha....(jan)


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