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Monday, January 9, 2012

Still Counting One Thousand Gifts

I'm still counting my blessings and I've got a long ways to get to 1,000.  But my God has so richly blessed me and I can never thank Him enough.

66.  Enjoying watching "One Night with the King" as I just finished reading Esther in my morning devotions.

67.  I'm thankful I'm relearning to knit, even though I haven't spent much time at it lately, but hopefully will pick it up soon again.

68.  I'm thankful for my friend who always talks me into trying new things.  She's the one who started me blogging three years ago.

69.  I'm thankful for the home God has given us.  A place where I can go for peace and rest.  A place where I can just be me.  A place where I don't have to change to please others.

70.  I'm thankful for a husband who never tries to change me, but just always loves me.

71.  So thankful for the opportunity to go out with my husband to dinner at Outback, using a gift certificate he got for Christmas.  Talk about a nice gift; dinner with just the 2 of us and it didn't cost us anything!  That's what I call the good life.  :)

72.  A wonderful day of worship and a nice long nap this afternoon.

Why don't you click on the One Thousand Gifts Button above and join in counting all the blessings of God in your life. You won't regret, looking back on your week and remembering the wonderful things He's done for you. Some are small and some are huge, but it's good to remember them all.


  1. What a nice reminder to thank Him for all things, big and small.

  2. I do not know how to knit, but I sure enjoy seeing projects from knitters. Such a beautiful art! Having such a great husband is definitely a wonderful gift!

  3. Visiting from Multitudes on Mondays...

    What a wonderful list. I especially love #69 and #72. I can relate to both:))

    Have a blessed week.

  4. My oldest son gave us Outback gift cards for "date night" - I loved that he and his wife thought of that. I started knitting again after not having had knitted since I was 11- and I have so enjoyed it - what I make and the sweet women I have met while knitting!

    What a blessed week!


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