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Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up and Now Back to Work

 We're back home and this weekend we've started to get back into the swing again. We got home Thursday night and got unpacked and the laundry done and the dog picked up from the kennel. Friday we had to grocery shop because we had nothing in the house to eat. Then Saturday we visited with my parents, and did some Walmarting and just relaxed some. Sunday was back to church and I taught Sunday School, hubby preached and it seemed we were back on schedule again.

Now today, it's back to work for me and hubby and our youngest (who, by the way, turns 18 this week) will be back to full-time school work. She does the online virtual school. She's planning to try to do 2 years in one and get her high school finished this year. I believe she can, depending on how hard she wants to work.

Our ladies' Bible Study starts tomorrow night. We are doing Beth Moore's study of James, Mercy Triumphs. I can't wait to get started. Isn't that such a cool name. Mercy Triumphs. Thank God, for his mercy!!!

So vacation is over and now it's time to get back to work. I'm hoping I'll go back with a better attitude and not sweat the small stuff. I'll try to show some pictures this week from our vacation and tell you about it. We had a great time. I'll show two pictures from our trip.

Kerri and Kelli at the Florida Welcome Center

New Smyrna Beach


  1. Welcome home! It's always fun to go away and it's nice to come home too. Our bible study starts back up next week...we have four different groups but I think I'm going to do Nehemiah which is a Kelly Minter study. It looks good too.

  2. Welcome home. It's always been hard for me to jump right back into the schedule after vacation and you had a long vacation! I hope you can just get right back into the routine.


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