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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a fairly quiet weekend. Just the kind I like.

Friday night we brought home Chinese for dinner and just relaxed. I've been reading quite a bit this weekend too.

Saturday we went to a Memorial Service for a friend's son. Then we came home so we could pick up Carina. Her mommy had to work, so hubby and I volunteered to babysit. We took her with us out to lunch and then to Wally World to pick up some needed items. She was absolutely good as gold. We had so much fun playing and laughing with her.

On the way home, she got sleepy and we started singing silly songs trying to keep her awake until we got home, but it didn't work. She fell asleep anyway. Fortunately, she went right back to sleep when we got in the house and slept for about an hour. She woke up and then crawled up to me (I was lying on the bed reading) and she fell back asleep laying on me, so I took a nap with her. haha You know any excuse for a nap will work for me. haha

That evening we went to visit with my parents and took Carina with us. She was definitely the star of the show at their house. She totally loved everybody watching her and talking to her. :)

Sunday, we had excellent church services. We've started a new series on "God's Mountain Man", which is Elijah. I love the stories of Elijah so much.

So that pretty much is our weekend. Here is a little video of Carina outside walking around. If you saw the video I posted last week, you'll notice a big difference in her walking skills. I cannot believe how much difference a week's worth of practice makes.


  1. Naps are hard work! So glad your little one got to help you lean that. Love the video. What a cutie.

  2. Carina seems quite pleased with her new found walking skills :) Have a great week!

  3. Any excuse for a nap, right? ;-) Sounds like an excellent weekend!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend and having a little one around is always fun! Love the video.

  5. How you NOT take a nap when a little one is cuddling with you :)

    Oh man.. I miss Chinese. Ricky is so picky about Chinese food... I could eat it all the time!

  6. I bet it's fun having a little one around. She's a cutie! Btw-change of plans (it's too complicated for a comment), but my daughter is staying put. Not coming to Ohio after all, now looking for a job in SC which is where she has been in school.


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