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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Puppies. And Presents And Frozen, Oh My!

Carolyn and Carina came to visit last night. I haven't seen them since October. I can't believe how much Carina has grown up since then. She is talking so much more. She is 2 and 1/2 and is so adorable!  She totally loves our puppy and they play and play. Lucy was so worn out when she left, she didn't hardly move a muscle all night. I dare say Carina was probably the same.  lol

Lucy warn out in bed.

Carina is all about Minnie Mouse this year.  So of course nana and poppy had to feed that love. I mean who do you think got her her very first Minnie Mouse. We have successful trained another Disney lover!  We got her Minnie Mouse PJ's and Minnie Mouse panties (she's starting to potty train some). She also got little Minnie Mouse earrings and a Minnie Mouse doll that talks and she can change her clothes. I think that was the big success! She was having so much fun playing with her. 

Carina is very good at opening presents!

Still working at it.

Mommy putting her new earrings in.  Pizza all over her face.

Minnie Mouse

I think she loves her new Minnie Mouse

Later we decided to watch Frozen and Carina was completely enthralled, especially during the music parts. Actually, I'm not sure who liked it most. Kelli and Carolyn (both age 23) sang every word to every song. It was hysterical!  At one point Carolyn and Carina were dancing and spinning all around. As I said, I'm not sure who loved it best. All I can say is hubby and I were given a great show!

Watching Frozen

She'd get up and play, but when the music was on, she couldn't take her eyes off the screen.

See what I mean!

I think she was one happy little girl last night and I know this was one happy nana!


  1. How sweet! 2 1/2 is such a fun, fun age!

  2. very sweet!!! Alyssa and I were just watching a video of her 2nd Christmas....what a precious age!

  3. Sweet times...what a little doll.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas! It is all about the children! Have a healthy, merry Christmas!

  5. The little ones make it all so worthwhile!! She is absolutely adorable, and what fun that she is into Minnie and Frozen!

  6. Its like someone said. Frozen has something magical in it the way it puts kids in a trance.

  7. What a cutie!!! I watched Frozen with our grandson, and couldn't figure out what the attraction was, but boy does he like it! He (4 yrs) sang all the songs, knew all the words, never tires of anything FROZEN. And I hear that other kids are affected the same way. So fun that you're creating another Disney lover. lol have a merry Christmas, Cathy!

  8. Not that was a fun time! Nothing better than little ones at Christmas. I love Frozen and watch it all the time!


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