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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Winter Reading Challenge Finale

This is the final post for the Winter Reading Challenge this year.  So tell us what you read and then link up at "Knit By God's Hand".  I really haven't done a lot of reading this month.  Life is just a little to hectic right now.  Plus I've been spending a lot of my free time knitting.  So these are the audio books I've listened to while working.  I'm still reading C.S. Lewis' Book, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Hoping to finish that soon.

"Bossypants" by Tina Fey.  Rebecca had this book on her site earlier in the challenge and liked it, so I got on the waiting list at my library for the audio version. I finally got it and listened while working.  It wasn't my favorite, but there was some pretty funny stuff in it. I think I just haven't ever really watched Tina Fey that much on TV except for when she played Sarah Palin.  I think she is very good and funny at that.  If you happen to like Tina Fey a lot, then you may like this better than I did. But I would say, beware there is some pretty raw language from time to time. 
"Daisy Chain" by Mary DeMuth.  This is another book I got in the audio version from my Library.  It's pretty interesting.  It's about a small, poor town in Texas called Defiance and about a young girl named Daisy that suddenly goes missing.  Her best friend is a boy who's father is the town preacher. The boy's name is Jed and this story is mostly from his point of view.  He thinks it is his fault that the girl is missing and her mother blames him too.  It definitely kept me guessing the whole time, trying to figure out what happened to the girl.  

"A Slow Burn" by Mary DeMuth is the 2nd in the series to the above book.  I'm currently listening to it.  It's really good too.  This is told more from the Daisy's mother's point of view.  It's interesting finding out about the mother's relationship with her mom and then why her relationship with Daisy was not all that it could have or should have been.  I think I'll have this completed before the day is over.

I finished it and it was really good.  Healing is starting to take place and things I didn't expect are occurring.  Now I can't wait until I can get the 3rd book.  I want to see how it's going to end. 

"Life in Defiance" by Mary DeMuth is book 3 in the series and I'm on the waiting list for the Kindle version of this book.  They don't have the audio version.  So far, I would definitely recommend this series of books.


  1. There definitely is raw language. Sadly, every comedian book I've ever read, the language is crazy. I don't understand why people feel like they HAVE to use it... but they do :(

    Thanks for linking up!!! Fingers cross you're the winner of the contest ;)

  2. I read (ok, listened) Gone Girl, having heard so much about it. And the language!!! I was shocked! It was way beyond what was "necessary" to convey the story! The storyline was compelling ... It could have been just as good without the language. I can't recommend it because of that ... Which is a shame. I'll have to check out those other books.

  3. I've heard that Bossypants is really good, but, I'm not a huge fan of Tina Fey's so I haven't bothered with it yet. I don't know about you, but once I get hooked on a series, I have a hard time putting it down until it's all over.


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