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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A Sentence A Day - June 2020

My June one day at a time.

1 - Monday.  Got up and found out the pilot light had gone out on our hot water heater and we were unable to get it lit so we finally put a call into the plumber after work.

2 - Tuesday.  Took a personal day from work to wait on the plumber and he came in between other jobs and fixed our water heater...so thankful. 

3 - Wednesday.  Happy Birthday and Anniversary in heaven Mom and Dad!

4 - Thursday.  

5 - Friday.  Had a fun chat with my grandson.

6 - Saturday.  Hubby and I took a 4-5 hour drive all over the countryside, east of where we live and saw some beautiful fields and small towns.

7 - Sunday.  We were actually back in church Sunday morning...so wonderful to be together again.

8 - Monday.  Before work, hubby put a pork loin on to cook and so we had a delicious supper.

9 - Tuesday.  More plumbing issues as the water softener went out and we had to figure out how  to bypass it as it turned the water brown...what fun. 

10 - Wednesday. Work and then to church for hubby to record his Bible study on Paul on FB live

11 - Thursday. After work we got some dinner curbside and enjoyed an evening at home. 

12 - Friday. Making sure to water my flower baskets every evening and they are doing so much better than previous years. 

13 - Saturday. Lucy got groomed today and she looks so much better. 

14 - Sunday.  2nd Sunday for live church and I'm enjoying being together again, but socially distant for safety because I love my church family.

15 - Monday.  Plumbing fixed because we (by we meaning the plumber) replaced the water softener and all is good now.

16 - Tuesday.  

17 - Wednesday.  Lucy got me up early and I got to see such beautiful skies with the sunrise.

18 - Thursday.  

19 - Friday.  Work, grocery and quiet evening at home and saw this robin in the back yard and couldn't resist getting hubby's camera to see if I could get a picture.
Not bad since it was taken through a window screen.

20 - Saturday.  Got to finally have a visit with my sister (actually all three of us were together) at her Assisted Living Place where we sat out in the gazebo and had a really good talk together.

21 - Sunday.  Visited with my mother-in-law after church, hubby and I brought in some Popeye's chicken and fixens' and just had a good time talking.

22 - Monday.  Back to work and then an evening at home. 

23 - Tuesday.  Had some time to crochet and learning to do the waffle stitch on a dishcloth. 

24 - Wednesday. Went to church with hubby so he could do his online live Bible study on Paul. 

25 - Thursday.  After work we picked up hubby's mom and took her to pick up her car at the body shop and they did a really good job repairing it.

26 - Friday.  Lucy's check-up and shots at the vet after work.

27 - Saturday.  Hubby and I ran some errands and picked up some lunch and spent most of the day at home, which is a rare occurrence for us.

28 - Sunday.  Another great service at church and then Sunday evening I went to Kohl's and Target with my sister. 

29 - Monday.  Work and home which was a great day.

30 - Tuesday.  Hubby put a beef roast on for dinner before we left for work...so thankful for a hubby that's a good cook.

So that's my month...How was yours?


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  1. This is a great monthly wrap up. I'm going to try to keep some notes this month so I can play along. Have a great week! :)

    1. It is fun and I figure it's about as close as I'll ever get to a diary.

  2. Our churches here in the UK have only just reopened, but no hymns are allowed. One enterprising church got round it by having everyone out in the cars singing. Beautiful sunset pictures.

    1. We are a small congregation so we just social distance when sitting and we do sing as we are far enough apart, it shouldn’t be a problem. We also, each one disinfwct the area where we sat before we leave.

  3. Oh, I can't wait until we can do in-person church but in our province that feels like a long way off still. I'm sorry about all your plumbing issues. Our air conditioner is currently not working and it's so gross right now. Blah :(

    1. Hope your air is fixed really quickly.

  4. Love it - so much productive & enjoyable time.
    I still need to find out how you did that waffle stitch.

    1. YouTube is my friend. Lots if teaching videos on waffle stitch.

  5. What beautiful skies! I have been doing so much better watering my flowers this year too.

  6. Everyone is commenting on your beautiful sunrise photos and I have to also! What gorgeous colors. Totally worth waking up for!
    Our church has been opened a month but we are still scared to go. Our cases of Covid keep increasing with record highs each day. Even though masks are mandatory everywhere, we are still trying to stay home as much as possible. Glad you are able to go to your church.


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