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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday Hodgepodge


1. What is something you currently find 'taxing'? Keeping up with all the doctor's appointments.  It's that time of the year when hubby and I have to do all the annual and semi-annual appointments.  Nothing wrong as far as we know, but just have to do these things.

2. I've seen this question asked in various forms on several social media sites...you can only keep three- coffee, jewelry, tacos, wine, books, dogs, chocolate, Netflix, make-up, leggings, cheese, cats Which three do you keep and how easy or hard was it for you to decide? Books, Dogs, Tacos.  This was pretty easy this time.  Although, there may be a bit of a debate between tacos and chocolate.

3. Tell us something you know or have learned about forgiveness? If someone asks for forgiveness it's pretty easy to give.  But having to forgive without the other persons being sorry is much more difficult.  But often it is necessary in order to keep yourself in peace.

4. What's something you'd recommend that is often overlooked and under appreciated? Spending time with your spouse.  You don't have to be doing anything special, but just being intentional about being together is so important.  We love to just go out and take a drive around the countryside, no particular destination, but just seeing what we can see and talking and enjoying each other's company.

5. Give us a favorite word that starts with letter K and tell us why this is the one you chose. I'm picking 2 words, Kelli and Kerri.  These are my 2 daughters and I love them to the moon and back.

6. Insert your own random thought here.  It's National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.  And since I still assist in dispatch from time to time, I get included in the celebration.  One of the other dispatchers made us all a cup.  I love it.  I drink from a Yeti all the time, so this was just perfect for me.  

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  1. I agree, spending time with our husbands is so important. Most of the time I enjoy doing the everyday things together the most. Great answer for K, what beautiful daughters you have. Have a great rest of the week :)

    1. Thank you Theresa. We kinda liken them. :)

  2. Such a cute picture of your girls. I agree with your thoughts on forgiveness. Have a nice week!

  3. I love the photo of your beautiful daughters!

  4. Thank you for serving your community in dispatch! Your daughters are beautiful (but you know that!). A very fun Hodgepodge! xo

  5. What beautiful daughters you have and thank you for sharing them with us today.

  6. Great point about spending quality time with your spouse. We keep talking about taking a drive, but between my car issues and his eyesight it keeps getting pushed back. I may just have to put on my big girl pants and learn to drive his truck.

  7. Look at your beautiful girls
    I love a Yeti cup too!!! I hate mine is missing (looking at you Hubby!)
    I seem to be having a ton of doctors appointments right now too. hard to keep up.

  8. Hello Cathy, Lots of great answers to the questions! Your daughters are beautiful. A Yeti tumbler is a great gift. Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  9. Well, what perfect words for the letter K and what beauties. Wonder what we did before Yeti paved the way for really nice insulated cups. I love them! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I agree, we have been busy with appointments too! Good choices. I know, I do like a piece of dark chocolate from time to time. Good answer on #3 for forgiveness. Lovely picture and two great picks for the letter K. That is a lovely cup she made for you.


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