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Friday, December 3, 2021

Friday Photos

 Here are a few photos from my week.

Hubby, his mom, and I went out last night and
grabbed a sandwich and looked at Christmas lights.
So many beautiful lights.

Colton's mom took him to the library 
for reading time and then they
made a Christmas ornament.

This is Colton's

Had a check-up this week and this is the tree at
the Hospital.

And I loved this beautiful nativity on the piano 
along with the poinsettias.

This is the tree at work.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



  1. That nativity set on the piano is gorgeous - I love seeing Nativity sets.
    My friend that passed away, Stephanie - she was OBSESSED with nativity sets - had so many in her home & left a lot of them out year long

    1. I have several too. My favorite is the one ceramic one my mom painted years ago and was always set up in our home growing up. I'm so thrilled that I got it.

  2. Enjoyed all of your Friday photos. I always enjoy seeing Colton.

  3. Oh, I love seeing these pictures, and especially Colton's sweet ornament! He did a very nice job on that! I hope it will be treasured for many years to come. I love that Nativity on the piano too, and also seeing the beautiful outdoor lights already! I haven't noticed too many around here yet, but then again, we haven't been out at night much either! I guess we need to take a ride, but I think we'll wait a while because I don't think too many have them out yet. Love the trees. Christmas is comin'!

    1. There are bunches of lights around here, even in our neighborhood. Love looking at them.

  4. Wonderful trees! I think my favorite is that at the hospital.
    Colton's ornament is sure sweet; I hope his mommie will keep it for him until the time he's old enough to own his own home and Christmas tree!

  5. I love the decorations and especially the Nativity on the piano. Beautiful! Wishing you a blessed and happy weekend!


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