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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A Sentence a Day - December 2021

My December one day at a time:

1 - Wednesday.  Started the morning with a check-up and then blood draw for labs and then on to work. 

At least they got it in 1 stick

2 - Thursday.  Hubby and I and his mom drove around looking at lights and had a fun evening together.

3 - Friday. Work and a quiet evening at home.

4 - Saturday.  Went shopping with my sisters for a bit and then ran errands with hubby.

5 - Sunday.  Church and a nap in the afternoon.

6 - Monday.  

7 - Tuesday.

8 - Wednesday.  Work and then church for Bible Study.

9 - Thursday.

10 - Friday.  Work and brought home Chinese for dinner.

11 - Saturday.  Shopping again on Saturday and then met my sister and her husband for lunch at Red Robin.

12 - Sunday.  Church and my new knitting machine came in...got it put together and started on a hat and scarf set order.

13 - Monday.  Worked and hubby and I made a wonderful baked pork shop dinner along with baked apples.

14 - Tuesday.  After work we went to the Esther Price Candy Store which is about 20 minutes north of us and picked up chocolate covered cherries for hubby's mom for her birthday and then came home and completed the scarf and hat set that was ordered, other than I still need to make and add the pompoms.

15 - Wednesday.  Work and then Bible Study and made the pompoms and attached them so that order is complete and started the next order.

16 - Thursday.  After work we picked up hubby's mom and drove to Eaton and had dinner and then went to view some beautiful Christmas lights.  

17 - Friday.  Hubby and I had quiet evening at home.

18 - Saturday.  Picked up items we had ordered online from 2 different stores and then stopped in another to get some more stuff for the Christmas Food Baskets at church and then met up with some others to unload and get the baskets ready for Sunday...then went out with hubby for lunch and to do some errands for us and then off with sisters for our normal Saturday trip and then crashed that evening as I was worn out.  lol

19 - Sunday.  Morning church service and then added more lights to the church for the Christmas Carol and Candles Service that evening and then went shopping to buy gifts for a little girl we were told did not have anything for Christmas...she sure does now...such a wonderful and fun day...I feel like I need to go back to work to get some rest.  lol

20 - Monday. 

21 - Tuesday.  Hubby and I got our 2nd Shingles shot after work.

22 - Wednesday.  We did the Secret Santa gifts at work...this is part of my gift and I love it.

23 - Thursday.

24 - Friday.  Christmas Eve...hubby and I picked up his mom and went out to lunch and then back to her house for a nice visit and an exchange of gifts...so much fun.

25 - Saturday.  We went to my sister's house and had a wonderful Christmas lunch with Beverly and Steve, Karen and hubby and I...hubby baked a ham and I made some chocolate dipped pretzels and oreos and they made all the rest...then after lunch we made apple dumplings together...so much fun.

26 - Sunday.  Wonderful services at church and of course a nap in the afternoon and finished reading Christmas in Winter Hill by Melody Carlson...a favorite author.

27 - Monday.  Last week of work...such strange feelings...very happy but it sure is weird.

28 - Tuesday.  More training for the one replacing me.

29 - Wednesday.  Again more training and completely emptying my office and finished reading The Christmas Star by Donna VanLiere...loved it!

30 - Thursday.  Such a wonderful retirement luncheon...so many former employees and current employees came to wish me well...I could have asked for nothing better.

31 - Friday.  While this is officially the last day of work I took a holiday and running around and celebrating with hubby and then home for a quiet evening and I finished reading(actually I finished it after midnight, but I'm still counting it as the 31st) Divine Interruption by Dr. Tony Evans and his family...very, very good!

 So this was my December, one day at a time.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great day.


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  1. Congratulations on your retirement and I hope, thus far, it has gone well. Also, how wonderful that you were able to buy presents for that child and change their Christmas for the better.

  2. Isn't it crazy how fast December sped by? You just reminded me, I need to call my insurance company about getting the shingles vaccine; my PCP ordered it in November, but I've not heard anything from the pharm.

  3. Congrats on your retirement, blessed wishes for a long & happy one. Got me date set for May 31st 2024. Kevin & I like to drive around during Christmastime & look at all the lights. I usually get my Moma chocolate covered cherries for Christmas & sometimes she gets me some too. We both like them. Happy New Year! Karen

  4. I go for that checkup soon to get the jab for labs. Kevin & I like to drive around & look at the Christmas lights too, sip on a cup of hot chocolate & maybe some other snacks. Congrats on your retirement, I've got my date set for 2024. Karen


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