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Monday, June 20, 2022

Bits of This and That


Took a walk this morning and saw this over top of our subdivision

Beautiful morning

Mom or dad one feeding the babies

I finally got a decent picture of mom.  Both of these pictures
were taken Sunday afternoon.  She is such a tiny little thing.

Stopped at Subway after church to pick up a sandwich
and these were flying above.  Not the greatest pictures.

Hopefully we'll be seeing more of these.  I hadn't
seen hardly any this year and then these 2 on Sunday
 night and the one above on Monday morning.
Typically we see a lot of hot air balloons in the summer.

We really enjoyed our weekend.   Saturday hubby and I went out to lunch and I ran in the grocery and picked up a few items and then was stopped and got a Starbucks for the drive home.
I tried a new flavor and it was delicious!

I know this post is a jumble and not actually in the order things happened, but that's life!  lol

Below is a video of hubby's sermon on Sunday morning.  Another in the Job series. 

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  1. I enjoyed your pictures, and they don't have to be in order. We weren't there so we don't know the difference. We just enjoy seeing where you've been and what you've been doing. Loved them all. The hot air balloons are so cool to see! And that Wren feeding her babies is wonderful. You have a good view of the birdhouse! Isn't it fun? Our bluebirds finally fledged last night, at least I think they all did. We got to watch one of them, and it's been quiet there ever since so I assume they are all gone. I love how God has created them to know just what to to do and when to do it. We are blessed to be witnesses of His creation all around us. Have a blessed and wonderful week.

  2. OHHHHH YUMMMMM - that drink looks perfect for a summer day!!!!
    I can not believe how many hot air balloons you always see!

    1. We are blessed around here with then in the summer for sure.

  3. Happy Monday! Lots like a weekend full of "life"! Perfect....hope your husband enjoyed his special day yesterday!

    1. Thank you Jennifer. He did. He heard from both of the girls and that makes him happy.

  4. That strawberry frappe looks delish! I love hot-air balloons ... from the ground, that is.

    1. I love seeing them too and hope there will be a lot more sightings as the summer goes on. Have a great day Myra!

  5. Yum for the drink you picked up. Love the balloon up in the air and the birds are so sweet. Have a great week!


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