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For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16


Monday, November 24, 2008

Are you a perfectionist?

I watched a movie last night with my daughter. From my posts it sounds like that's all I do is watch movies. Really I don't hardly ever watch movies except during the Christmas Season. There are so many good or fun movies out this time of year. Anyway, the one we watched last night was called Snowglobe, I think. It was kinda weird but it made me think. The girl in the movie was seeking for the perfect Christmas. Her family was rather loud and strange and kept trying to run her life. She wanted to do things her way and she wanted to have the perfect Christmas. Anyway somehow she ended up inside a Christmas Snowglobe of a little village and everything was just how she imagined Christmas should be. She loved it at first but then found out after a while that it wasn't so great to have everything just perfect, because it got boring and predictable.

I think sometimes I spend too much time trying to make everything perfect for Christmas that I miss out on the fun of Christmas. I get so worried about if the house is cleaned up just perfect and is each decoration hanging just right and did the food all come out just exactly perfect, etc. When we concentrate so hard on everything thing being just so so, we sometimes forget to just enjoy the fun of putting the decorations up with someone. Or we forget to laugh when something is a little crooked, or when we burn a tray of cookies because we were talking and we get upset instead of just laughing it off and baking some more.

So my plan this year is to just let it go and have fun. So when you see my decorations, they may hang a little crooked and be off center. My cookies may not all be shaped just right and some of them may be a little dark. But my hopes are to enjoy my family and friends to the fullest and laugh and talk and just totally enjoy my imperfect Christmas.

After all if you have Christ in your life then what other perfection do we need. He is the only perfect one.


  1. Oh that is so good. I will have to remember this as I go..

  2. Amen! Everything in my house seems to hang slightly crooked, so don't feel badly about your decorations. :)

  3. GREAT post and good reminder for us all before the craziness begins!

  4. I have similar tendencies. I am being deliberate about enjoying my family and not bringing us all down with my unrealistic expectations.

    I haven't seen Snowglobe yet. I bet my older girls and I would enjoy it.

  5. You sound like me! I have to make a conscientious effort to hang loose and enjoy the moments as they come. This season is not about how perfect we make everything, its about, lst of all, the precious baby who was born long ago that grew up to be our Savior. And 2nd it's about love -- loving each other and focusing on the ones we love. Also, it's the perfect time to reach out to others as well.

  6. love this post! my dear husband has totally changed me in the area of needing to make things perfect, it is so freeing! and much more fun!


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