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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Did you participate in Black Friday? Why do they call it Black Friday?

We went shopping but not in the middle of the night. We left home around 9:40 this morning. I didn't really have a plan and I barely looked at the ads to see what was on sale. I guess I just wanted to go out if everyone else was going out. We went to the Fairfield Commons Mall and like to have never found a parking spot. I absolutely couldn't believe there were that many people out. I mean this mall is huge and we were having trouble even finding a parking place!?! I should have known right then not to go in. But did I pay attention to common sense? No, of course not! We finally parked out about as far as you could and after a half mile hike to the door we went in and joined the throngs of people milling about. We gave the girls my cell phone and told them we'd call when we were done. It might take an hour or we could be 5 hours. Believe it or not, the girls finished before we did!!. I never in a million years thought two teenage girls would give up before me in a mall. Hubby and I didn't buy one solitary thing. We just walked around and looked at stuff and tried to keep from tripping over all the people. Finally hubby found a seat in the mall and sat and people watched and I went ahead and shopped around some more. Still didn't buy anything though.

After the girls called us we met up with left the mall and went and got some lunch. We went to the Long Horn and had a steak and then headed back out shopping again. Now I had to get serious and try to find KJS a red, white or green top to wear for her upcoming Christmas Program at school. We looked and looked and couldn't find one that we both liked or when we did, it would be a hand wash or lay flat to dry sweater. I'm sorry, I hate those things. I want only wash and dry clothes. I hate to have to hand wash a sweater and then reshape it and lay it flat to dry. I have never been able to reshape them right and get them to turn out the way they were before I washed it. Any way she finally found one she liked at Target. It was wash and dry and it looked really cute on her. So that task is done, Thank the good Lord!! We also, bought a few Christmas presents for my nephews there. At Kohls I bought a mattress pad (ours is worn out) and some towels for a gift. I think that was about all we bought. Maybe a few odds and ends.

So all in all, we didn't buy a lot, but it was a fun day! How was your Black Friday?


  1. I went to Target and BJ's this afternoon. It was busy, but I didn't see any GREAT sales. I guess I wasn't looking too hard either. I wasn't actually shopping...just out having some fun. :) It was a good black Friday overall.

    By the way, I love people watching in the mall.

  2. I went out on Black Friday once and swore I'd never do it again. I can't take the lines and all those inconsiderate folks, I just can't. :-(


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