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Friday, December 25, 2009

Nerd Family Christmas!

Christmas Day at the in-laws. Here's what we were all doing at different points through the day. 4 different laptops, 3 cell phones, 1 DS, 1 electronic photo frame. Mind you most of these were not new items, we just had them out using them. I figured we must be a Nerd Family. So enjoy our Nerd Family Christmas photos!

And here's the only normal one in the bunch. My nephew actually playing with real normal toys!! lol
So was your Christmas a nerd's dream electronic Christmas or did you just have a normal toys' Christmas?


  1. That is too funny. We had a normal toy day:) Except now I am being a nerd blogging:)
    Hope your Christmas was blessed.

  2. lol, well Yall were doing what Jacob and I was doing lol, Jeff just layed on couch watching tv lol

  3. Well, here I sit on the computer, and I just finished blogging too. So count me in as a nerd!!!

    But at least mine's AFTER the festivities. =0)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. wooohoo we are Nerds and Proud of it lol

  5. we had a normal christmas but we are all nerds now....several on the computer!

  6. I haven't touched the computer (at home) for days... I have been trying to get my sleep in where I can.

  7. i think you'd be surprised how many other homes looked like that!

  8. haha...nerd family. I'm in. Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it today.

    Happy New Year!

  9. I am messed up...I thought I had already commented (and worried that I had done so under Andrew's account instead of mine). Anyway...

    Our normal lives are full of nerd/toy stuff. Why should Christmas be any different?

    Jeff and I have been known to converse via email, Facebook, and text (just recently) while in the same house. I think we prefer geek!

  10. Well, probably nerdy I guess. The boys didn't really get any "toys" but they did get things like books and dvd's that they asked for! Happy New year, my dear!

  11. Too funny! I did get a new laptop for Christmas but didn't spend any time on it because I was sick.

  12. LOL! Even grandma's got a laptop!

    I only used my computer for a recipe on Christmas day. I think my son used it for games though.


  13. that's a hoot! Kyle just got his netbook on Christmas Day & I haven'
    t seen his face since!


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