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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Strange Things I Saw on Monday

I just have to share these two pictures I took on Monday. First if you are one of the ones that love all the vampire stuff on TV, in movies and books, then you may love this first picture.

This bat was "hanging" around work today.  It was by the back door.  How gross and scary is that?!?

The other photo was taken while Kerri and I were out walking in our neighborhood.  This cracked us up, so I took a picture and no I promise we don't live in a holler somewhere.  haha

You might be a redneck if......   
Taken any funny pictures lately?


  1. Ewwwwwwwww - a bat! I've heard that there are a lot of bats this year. Thankfully I haven't encountered any, and I'd just as soon keep it that way!!

    I picked up the baby sitter for DD last night, and the sitter's neighbor had a virtual appliance store in their backyard. Hopefully they're just remodeling their kitchen??? ;-)

    1. I certainly hope that's the last bat I see too this year. A virtual appliance store...to funny!

  2. We have lots of bats around where we live and are very glad because they eat flying bugs! I guess we had a lot of bug because the bats stayed around. We named one pair George and Gracie because they stayed closer to us when we were outside. Not close enough to land on us or anything but we could tell them apart from the others.

  3. Not a fan of bats! Shiver!! They fly over our patio at dusk and hubs informs me that they eat mosquitos but still...shudder.

  4. oh thats cool. well in a crazy sort of way.
    rofl hang some garlic up on door rofl

  5. I am ok (sorta) with bats as long as they are OUTSIDE. The one in our bedroom at the lakehouse a few weeks ago? Definitely not ok!! Thankfully, Jim got it with the first swipe of the net and relocated him outside.
    You did have some strange subjects to photograph!


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