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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


So this morning, we get a knock on our bedroom door.  It's Carolyn.  There is a big wolf spider in her bedroom and she needs the spider slayer (hubby) to come take care of it. When we came out of our room, she was standing in the hallway watching the spider so it couldn't hide (like it did yesterday) So hubby (the spider slayer) braved the wild and killed the spider for her.  She was so scared! And I have to admit, I didn't go anywhere near her room until the spider slayer had taken care of the problem.

Guess what though....the baby was still in her crib in the room with the spider!  Fortunately, it was no where near her and she slept through the whole thing.  I'm not sure Carolyn or I could have gone in and gotten her if she had started crying.  It's funny now....but it sure wasn't then with that big old hairy spider on the loose.

Yep, I think that pretty much says it all.  My girls either had to get their daddy or kill the suckers themselves.  Actually, they have been known to kill spiders for me before.  haha  I hope Carina will be a brave soul and help her mama out like my girls did. 

What about you?  Are you afraid of spiders?


  1. I hate spiders ... and have no problem with stomping those little critters until they're mush (provided I have shoes on, of course - ha!).

  2. That's too funny, Cathy! Unfortunately, with Chris on the road a good part of the week, I'm forced to kill those suckers if they show their ugly faces. Definitely NOT a fan of spiders, AT ALL!

  3. I'm actually the one who saves all the spiders around. I wont let anyone kill one. I always feel like its Charlotte & has a family waiting for them... I wish I was joking :)

  4. Yes. I dislike anything that creeps and crawls-spiders, mice, snakes. I especially hate the spiders that crunch when you squash them. shudder.

    My youngest is terrified of spiders...have you seen the sign on Pinterest that says-there's a spider on the floor...I will very gently and carefully BURN THE HOUSE DOWN. Ha-I can relate!


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