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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Do you have an interest in learning about your family's heritage? Why or why not? If you know a little bit about your roots, share an interesting piece of trivia or a fun fact about someone who goes way back on your family tree.

I do find it very interesting.  Probably about 10 years ago I really got into researching my dad's family.  But it was so big, it got rather overwhelming.  At the same time there was a man from the other side of the family that was also researching.  He had a lot more information than I did.  But his was on his side of the family and mine was on mine of course.  Come to find out, the family is huge.  I finally got to meet him, but he has since passed away.  It was pretty cool, to find out about that other half of the family.  The story goes that 2 brothers stowed away on a ship from Germany to the United States.  They settled in 2 different areas and thus the 2 halves.  My dad's great-grandpa was one of those men.  

2. Branch Rickey, the baseball exec credited with signing Jackie Robinson, is quoted as saying-

"Luck is the residue of design."
Agree or disagree? Why?

Truthfully, I don't believe in luck.  I think everything is by design.

3. In the town where you currently reside, what's your favorite green space?
Actually, it's been awhile since I've been in the parks.  But one of the prettiest places is a newer park by the library.  It's very small, but its very pretty.

4. Who is your favorite comedian?
Really, just one?  I don't think so.   Mark Lowry, Chonda Pierce, Ken Davis & Anita Renfroe

5. March is National Nutrition Month, and almost everyone needs to improve their diet in some way. What about you? How can you improve your nutrition on a daily basis? Will you try?
We are trying...hubby and I are back to doing low carb for awhile.  Not because its National Nutrition Month, but just because we need too.

6. Which of these green expressions have you 'experienced' in recent weeks -green with envy, green thumb, green around the gills, or give the green light? Explain.
Maybe green around the gills, a few weeks ago when I was sick.  There was some nausea involved in that.

7. Where is one place you don't mind waiting?
Walt Disney World.  You do a lot of waiting there, but I don't really mind too much most of the time.  I just spend lots of time people watching.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Yesterday was gorgeous.  Beautiful blue skies with white clouds and temperatures in the 70's.  Yay!

 Last evening before Bible Study started someone found this pretty little nest in a tree and of course, I had to get a picture. 

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  1. Your two pictures at the end of your post are beautiful. We haven't arrived at spring yet - so everything is still snow covered here, making me a wee bit green of the envy kind when I view photos like this. As for family heritage and meeting those who do research on your family - I've enjoyed that as well here. I have a second cousin (I think - something not quite direct) on my father's side who has done a bunch of the research for that side of the family. Whenever there is a large family event, I hope to corner him for stories...

  2. I absolutely hate standing in line for anything, and it's the main reason we never took our last two children to Disneyworld.

    Your photos are beautiful :)

  3. Ha! Yeah, I wouldn't mind 'waiting' at Walt Disney World either. :-)
    Enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge.

  4. Bird nests have always fascinated me.

  5. I am green with envy because others are enjoying spring while we are in the middle of another snow storm.

  6. I forgot about Anita Renfroe :)
    I'm still WAITING to get back to Disney World :)

  7. My BIL has done some research for his daughter's on our side of the family. I need to get his findings. I agree it can be very overwhelming. I would like to join Ancestry.com. I'm not sure I even know those comedians. Low carb works best for me only now I do add some complex carbs for my cholesterol levels. I was green around the gills a month ago, don't even want to go there!!! It's the worse. Beautiful sky and nest......Happy Wednesday!

  8. Love your pics, Cathy! We're had warm temps. here, too, but the low temps return tomorrow...BOO! Love Chonda Pierce...so much of what she makes fun about I can relate to. She cracks me up!

  9. Love the photos and that you had a warm day - spring is coming. We just need to be patient.

  10. Anita Renfroe is on the lineup for the Women of Faith conference I'm attending in September. I love her, and have never seen her perform live, so am looking forward to that!

  11. There is just something about WDW...even the most impatient and grumpy person (aka...me) turns into a real softy!!

  12. What a neat story about the 2 brothers stowing away! We think my dad's grandparents may have come over from Ireland on the same shipping, not knowing each other, landing in Philadelphia, and not meeting and marrying until a couple of years later in Pittsburgh.

  13. Your families history sounds close to my husbands, ship and all. 70's? Really? How nice!!!


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