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Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Fragments


Hi Everyone:

Time for Friday Fragments.  Actually, I'm a little late.  But you get the idea.  After reading and hopefully leaving some comment love, click the button above to see who else is linking up at Mrs. 4444's.  Then you can make a post and link up too.

***I don't have a lot to frag about this week.  Mostly because I've been spending a lot of my free time working on items for my Etsy shop.  If you'd like to stop by and see what I have, click the link in my sidebar to the right.

***At 11:30 the other night we were heading to bed and realized that Lucy stunk to high heavens.  Evidently when she was outside earlier she rolled in some poo.  Yuck!  So guess who was getting a bath at 11:30 at night.  A wet dog in the bed is much better than a stinky one.  haha  Actually, her fur dries pretty fast.  Here's a picture just shortly after he bath and a little towel drying.

She looks like she's mad and won't look at me here.

***Carolyn and Carina came and visited last night.  Let me tell you between an almost 1 year old pup and a 2 year old little girl, our volume level and fun level went up many decibels last night.  haha  Who knew little 2 year old girls love to scream so much.  I sure had forgotten.  But we had a blast and so did Carina and Lucy!  The way Lucy kept trying to climb all over her, I think she thought she was another puppy she could play with.  Finally they both calmed down some and by the end of the evening they were able to play much better together. 
Carina and Lucy eyeing each other.  Lucy didn't know whether to go to Carina or try to steal Carolyn's pizza.

As you can see I'm not very good at selfies.
Here's another try.

Finally, I gave up and just took a picture of Carina.  She was pulling all the cushions off the couch for some reason.
Well, that's all the fragments I have for now. 


  1. Does Lucy run around like crazy after a bath? Mine do. They like to roll around in spots in the yard too. Sometimes dead toads. Ugh. I wonder why they like to roll in gross stuff? That's funny, torn between pizza or playing with the screaming little human!

  2. When we first moved to the farm Shaggy thought it was fun to roll in what ever poop she found first. She finally quit. Thinks she got tired of so many baths! lol.. Carina sure is growing fast!! What a cutie!

  3. I've given a pup a bath in the middle of the night. Since we fenced the yard, there is not so much wildlife poo they can roll in.

  4. Rolling in poop is never a good thing :( I love them after their baths! Looks like a fun time with Carolyn and Carina. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Your dog does look mad - funny. She was probably looking forward to a night sleep with her new aroma.
    Nice pics.
    BTW - anybody else having trouble with blogger comments failing to go through today? So frustrating.

  6. Oh, our 5 year old Grandson and 4 year old Granddaughter were here last week and our noise level was almost more than we could tolerate. Unbelievable! I'm sure our two were that loud but I sure don't remember it. Happy weekend!

  7. Cathy, I take selfies about as good as you do. In fact, I've all but given up! Have a great weekend!

  8. I can't do selfies either. And since I really am not much of a fan of pictures of myself, I haven't tried to improve my selfie skills. ha!

  9. Puppy + toddler = super smiles!
    P.S. Wet is always better than stinky!


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