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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday


It's time to think about things I'm thankful for.  If you'd like to play along click the button above to link up at Knit by God's Hand.

1.  I'm thankful for another sale at my Etsy Shop Simple Treasures by Cat.  It's been slow getting started, but I'm having fun making stuff and I've almost sold enough to take out my "seed" money and put it back in savings.  My main goal is to have fun and to at least make enough to pay for my yarn and other items I use.  Everytime I get a sale, I get so excited I can hardly stand it.  My poor hubby is just so supportive and patient with me.  Gotta love that man.  There's a link in my side bar if you'd like to check out my shop.

2.  Referring back to #1, I'm thankful for my hubby.  He is always so supportive and encouraging in all my little ventures.  Let me tell you, I so appreciate that.  He always believes that I can do anything I want to (even when I don't believe in myself).  Let me tell you young single girls....make sure you get a man that builds you up and doesn't tear you down.  It's worth all the tea in China.

3.  I'm so thankful our winter weather hasn't been too bad here in southwest Ohio so far this year. We've had some snow, some ice and some cold weather, but it has been so bitter as last year, nor has any of it stuck around as long as last year.  Thank you Lord.

So, what are you thankful for?


  1. I was going to say I'm thankful for a mild winter... but we're supposed to get up to 7 inches Sunday night into Monday... so I just bit my tongue on that one :)
    Good job on selling your beautiful fiber things!!!! You inspire me!

  2. You're so right with #2 ... I know that all too well, having experienced both a man who tore down and a man who builds up. It makes ALL the difference in the world!

    I for one am looking forward to the snow we're supposed to get over the weekend. I may be the only one who is. ha!

  3. Agree with finding the right man!
    Off to check out your Etsy shop.
    I won't comment on winter....So. Cal girl here... :-)


  4. #2 IS SO WONDERFUL! not every spouse is supportive of hobbies, so that makes my heart since to hear your hubby loves what you do. good for you!! and best of luck with your shop!


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