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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Things I am thankful for this week:

- Dinner at Frisch's with a good friend Tuesday night. I very seldom go out without my hubby, but it was very nice to be out with a girlfriend. We talked non-stop. So fun.

- We had such a good time of Bible study tonight. I feel like I learned a lot. Now to put it into action. We were discussing praise and worship..

- Time spent crocheting. Working on a dishcloth right now. Hoping to finish one yet tonight.

Finished it except for tying and working in the ends.

- A friend is participating in a craft show this weekend. Thankful she is taking some items I've made. Hoping she sells a lot.

- Time with hubby at the Cincinnati Airport watching planes on Saturday. I love doing this.

Could you Amazon package be on this plane?
- Walks in the evenings with my puppy. I've increased my step goal by a 1000 steps a day. So far I've reached that goal, except today. I was planning  to walk after church, but it's pouring the rain.  The skies have been so pretty and the evenings have been fairly cool. It's so nice meeting up with neighbors out walking and looking at all the beautiful flowers.

This is my street.  I live down on the left way down the street

she pooped out on me for a minute

up and at 'em again

So what are you thankful for?  Click here to join in.



  1. Good for you getting those steps in!!! I love living in the country but hate there's not a safe road to take my dogs for a walk on
    Love the crochet dish cloth. I'm a sucker for browns & neutral colors.
    I always love taking the back way to lunch which is around the airport. I always get so excited to see the planes so CLOSE

  2. What a cute pup! One of the reasons I'm not a fan of summer is I can't take the pugs on a walk -- they have breathing issues anyway and hot, humid weather sucks all the energy out of them. I love spending time at airports -- actually prefer taking flights that have layovers so I can people-watch and also watch the planes land and take off. :)

    Linking over from Rebecca's post! :)

  3. A fellow crocheter! That's my therapy! Hope to see you tomorrow for FFF!

  4. I wish I could croche...at least enough to keep me in dish cloths. That kind is all I use...sturdy and pretty.

  5. Those are wonderful things to be thankful for. Skye will do that sometimes when Mark walks her.


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