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Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Foto Friends

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Hubby and I visited with our daughter and grandson this week.  If you want to see pictures of them, you can check out yesterday's Thankful Thursday post.  I thought I'd post a few pictures of some things hubby and I enjoyed while we were there.

We saw this old church up near Lake Michigan in Indiana

We got Subway sandwiches and ate lunch by Lake Michigan in one of the National Parks.  It was so beautiful out that day.

We took a drive over to Illinois and came upon a section of the Historic Route 66 and I grabbed a couple pictures of some of the iconic Route 66 stuff.  Like this Sinclair Gas Station Dinosaur

I loved this guy at the Launching Pad Cafe.  Unfortunately the Cafe is closed down.

President Lincoln
While in Illinois we visited the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.  It was absolutely beautiful and so big.

There were section after section of graves for our military and their family.  Such a sobering thing to see.  So sad that so many have given their lives for our freedom.  I am so thankful for each one.


  1. Lake Michigan, a dinosaur, a spaceman, and Abe Lincoln! Could this blog be any more fantastic?


    I used to live on Lake Huron. Sigh. Memories! Your Lake Michigan photo looks similar.

  2. I have only seen one of the Great Lakes. How cool to live close enough to visit. I didn't know about the Abraham Lincoln Cemetery. Praise God for the brave people who fought to keep this country free and may our freedom continue.

  3. Wow,Lake Michigan is so beautiful! What a great place to enjoy lunch.
    We have a dinosaur like that by me.Very old and beloved. I don't think it is a Sinclair gas Dino though as that one seems to be.
    Love the photo of the church. So peaceful looking.
    Have a lovely weekend

  4. So many interesting things...I really love the old church. Don't ya just know there's been a lot of great services held there!!

  5. Love all those pictures. That old church looks intriguing. Would love to explore it. Lake Michigan looks so pretty. I remember the Sinclair Dinosaur. Love the statues and the cemetery. Thank you for sharing. Looks like a wonderful little trip.

  6. Very nice. So glad you got to do some sightseeing! Have a nice Labor Day weekend.

  7. Love your assortment of photos - the spaceman, dino and Lincoldn are fabulous

  8. What a beautiful area of our country to visit....thanks for sharing the great fotos. Love the one of the old church. I know you had a blast with your grandson! (sorry I'm late to visit) Happy Labor Day weekend to you!

  9. Such a quaint church. I sometimes wonder what icons are left of Route 66 so thanks for sharing these! It is a very sobering scene to see a small portion of those who died for their country.


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